The Perfect Fabric for All Your Crafting Needs: Natural Cotton Muslin – 63in x 3yds

Welcome‌ to our product review ⁢blog post! Today, we are excited to share our first-hand experience with the “100% ​Natural Cotton Muslin Fabric – 63in Wide X 3yds Long (Medium​ Weight)” by GravitationOnline. As passionate crafters ourselves, we understand⁢ the importance of finding superior quality fabrics that suit our various creative endeavors.⁢ This muslin fabric certainly caught‍ our⁢ attention with its impressive ‍features and versatile uses. Join us as we dive deeper into the world ‍of this‍ remarkable fabric and explore‌ its many​ possibilities.

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Overview of ‌the 100% Natural Cotton Muslin ⁤Fabric

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When it comes to fabric, the 100% Natural Cotton Muslin​ Fabric ⁣is a top choice for​ us. It is made of unbleached⁤ cotton with a plain weave and medium weight, giving it a⁣ versatile quality that can be used for‌ a wide range of projects. ‍The fabric measures 63 inches wide and 3‍ yards long, providing you with ample material to work with.

One⁤ of ⁣the standout features of⁣ this ‌fabric is its ‍superior ‍quality. It has a smooth finish that‍ feels soft to the touch, adding a luxurious element ⁣to your⁢ creations. While it can be​ washed in a low setting and​ dried, we recommend hand washing and air drying to retain its quality over time.

The 100% Natural Cotton⁢ Muslin⁢ Fabric is truly a ‌multipurpose‌ fabric. It is the ⁤perfect choice⁢ for​ fashion⁣ designers and quilters, as well as for creating backings, backdrops, and embroidery pieces. Additionally, it works well ‌for dressmaker⁢ fittings, curtains,⁤ cushions, and draping. Whether you’re crafting, designing templates for apparel⁢ and upholstery jobs, or creating drapery linings,⁤ this fabric has a natural light ‍drape and stiffness that lends​ itself beautifully to any project.

Furthermore, it is great for making aprons, sheets, quilts, wall covers, costume pieces, jewelry bags, and sashes. The​ affordability of⁢ this fabric, coupled with its‍ generous width, makes it a practical and economical choice for all of your needs.

Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 63 inches
  • Length:⁤ 3 yards
  • Weight: 4.5⁢ oz./sq yard

Don’t miss out on the‌ endless possibilities that the 100% Natural Cotton Muslin Fabric offers. Get yours now ‌and let your creativity flourish!

Highlighted Features and⁢ Aspects of ⁣the Product

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In our review ​of the 100% Natural Cotton Muslin Fabric, we want‍ to highlight its exceptional features and aspects that make​ it a ‍great choice ⁣for various applications.

First and ⁣foremost,‌ this fabric is made from 100% natural Muslin unbleached Cotton with a plain weave and medium weight. It measures 63 inches wide and 3‌ yards long, providing you‍ with ample material to work with. ‍The fabric boasts superior quality, featuring a smooth finish that ⁢feels ⁢soft to the touch.

One of the ⁢standout ​qualities of this fabric⁢ is its versatility. It can be used for a wide range of‌ purposes, making ​it the best choice for fashion designers‌ and quilters. Whether you need it for backing, backdrops, embroidery,⁢ dressmaker fittings, curtains, cushions, draping, crafting, or templates for apparel and upholstery jobs, this ⁣fabric has got you​ covered. ‌It has a natural light⁤ drape and stiffness, making it suitable for drapery lining, aprons, sheets quilting, wall covers, costume ‌making, jewelry bags, and‌ sashes.⁢

To retain ‍its ⁣quality, it is recommended to hand wash and air dry the fabric,‌ although it can be washed in a low setting as​ well. This Muslin fabric is not only affordable⁤ but also offers​ a generous⁤ width, ensuring ‌that it can meet a⁢ variety of your needs. ⁢With its outstanding features and multiple uses, the 100% Natural⁢ Cotton ​Muslin Fabric is ​a ⁢must-have for anyone in ‍need of a ⁤reliable and versatile fabric option. Find it on Amazon and take advantage of‍ its exceptional qualities!

Detailed Insights and Specific Recommendations

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In our , we can confidently say that the 100% ⁤Natural Cotton Muslin Fabric is a versatile​ and high-quality option for ⁢a range⁢ of projects. ​With ⁣its plain‍ weave and medium⁤ weight, this fabric offers a smooth⁣ finish and a soft touch that feels luxurious. It is made ⁤from 100% natural ‍muslin unbleached cotton, ensuring a natural and⁢ eco-friendly choice for fashion designers, quilters, and crafters alike.

One of the ‌standout features of this⁤ fabric is‍ its⁢ multiple uses. Whether you’re looking to create backdrops, curtains, or‍ aprons, this muslin fabric is up‌ for the task. It is also ideal for draping,‍ dressmaker fittings, and even jewelry bags. The fabric’s natural ‌light drape and ‌stiffness make it perfect for a ⁢variety of applications, including⁣ upholstery‌ jobs and costume ‍making.

To maintain the fabric’s quality, it⁤ is recommended to hand wash ⁢and air dry. However, it can also be washed in a low setting with no bleach and dried, ‌if needed. With dimensions of 63 inches ‌wide and 3 yards long, this‍ fabric provides ample coverage for ​your ⁤projects. It weighs 4.5 ounces per square yard, making it a medium-weight ⁣option that strikes⁣ the perfect balance ⁣between durability and flexibility.

In summary, this 100% Natural‍ Cotton Muslin Fabric is ⁣a reliable and affordable choice for both professional and​ DIY projects. Its ⁢superior⁤ quality,⁢ wide width, and ⁤soft touch set it ​apart from other options on the market. If you’re in need of a versatile fabric that can meet a ‌range of needs, we highly recommend checking out this muslin ​fabric. Click⁣ here to explore⁢ more details and make a purchase on Amazon.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

At our⁣ crafting supplies blog, we pride‍ ourselves on providing thorough and in-depth⁢ reviews of the products we feature. When it comes ⁢to​ the 100% Natural Cotton Muslin Fabric – 63in Wide X​ 3yds Long (Medium Weight), our customers have shared their experiences and opinions, ‌helping us gather‌ valuable insights. Here’s an analysis ⁢of the customer reviews:

Positive Reviews

We are pleased to see that the majority of​ customers had‌ a positive experience with this natural cotton muslin ⁣fabric. Let’s take a closer look at their feedback:

Review Positive Attributes
“Nothing‌ to dislike.fabric is reasonably⁢ priced.Thick enough to be rugged,yet ‌sheer enough to look good” Reasonable price, rugged yet sheer
“Excellent material for cloth book⁣ covers. Takes gesso and paints well. Tough and sturdy. Easy to cut. Best I have found online.” Great for book covers, takes gesso and paints well,‌ tough‍ and⁣ sturdy
“I was pleasantly surprised by the thickness‌ and ‌quality of this material! Very heavy and perfect for curtain‌ backing. I believe this material will last for many years.” Pleasantly surprised by⁤ thickness and quality, heavy and perfect for curtain backing
“I need to make a prototype dress⁣ before spending money⁣ on more expensive fabric, and it’ll ⁣be just perfect.” Perfect ‌for making prototype‌ dress
“I loved ​it, love how it feels. Can’t wait⁢ to use it.” Feels great, anticipation to use ​it
“I use‍ this muslin on my quilting ‍projects. It works perfectly for backing. The best backing material I have found. ⁢Would​ definitely buy again.” Works well ⁤for quilting projects, best backing ‍material ⁤found
“Great price great quality ​fabric” Great price ⁤and ‍quality
“Très bon pour faire la base de Art quilt et ‍aussi pour hot ⁣pot holder” Great for​ art quilt base and hot pot holders
“Made⁤ 8 medium-size⁣ tote bags. I will buy more from this seller. Thanks ​👍” Perfect for making tote bags

Negative⁢ Reviews

Although the overall feedback for the natural cotton muslin fabric is positive, there are a few ‌customers who had‌ some concerns. Let’s ⁣take a⁢ closer look at their feedback:

Review Negative Attributes
“I’m not sure what this is. It is‍ yellow. I ​bought it because it is ‘cotton’ ‍and I’m going to tie-dye.⁣ But it’s thicker than my thighs.​ Idk man. It’s more like duck than⁣ muslin, and I make a quilt so I know what that‍ feels like. It ⁣IS ⁤a good value for ‍the money. Everybody is PROUD ‌of their​ fabric. Like​ PROUD. ‌It’s cotton, Linda. Come on down on the price. So⁢ we ‍don’t have to wind up buying yellow duck.” Yellow ⁢color, thicker than ‌expected, feels like duck fabric
“Large enough, and good quality, but it ended up being ‍a lot more ‍yellow‍ than the pictures‌ show. I need⁣ a white/neutral color for⁢ my project.​ I’d return if I could.” Color more yellow than expected, not suitable for project

While the majority of customers were satisfied with​ the natural cotton muslin fabric, ⁤it’s important to note ‌the specific attributes and concerns mentioned in​ the reviews. This analysis​ will help you make ‌an informed decision when⁣ considering this product for your crafting⁢ needs.

We hope ⁢you found this customer reviews analysis⁢ helpful. Remember, we are always here to​ assist you in ⁤finding the perfect materials for your crafting projects!

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • High-quality fabric​ with a smooth finish and⁤ soft touch
  • Durable and long-lasting due to its medium‌ weight
  • Versatile and multipurpose, suitable for various crafting needs
  • Wide⁢ width and generous⁣ length provide ⁢ample fabric for different projects
  • Affordable option compared to other fabrics on the market
  • Can be machine washed on a​ low setting (hand washing recommended for best results)
  • Natural cotton material, making it ‌eco-friendly and sustainable


  • May require hand washing and‍ air drying‌ to retain its quality
  • Some users prefer bleachable fabrics for certain projects
  • The plain weave ‌and ⁣stiffness may not be ideal⁤ for projects requiring extreme flexibility
  • Not suitable for heavyweight or ⁢structural tasks
  • May wrinkle easily and require ironing or ​steaming ‍before use
  • Shipping⁤ and delivery ⁢times from India may vary


Q:​ Is‌ the muslin fabric made of 100% natural ⁣cotton?

A: Yes, the muslin fabric is made of⁢ 100% natural cotton. ​It is unbleached and has a plain weave.

Q: What are the dimensions of the fabric?

A: The fabric is ​63 inches wide and 3 yards⁣ long.

Q: ⁤What is⁢ the weight of ⁤the fabric?

A: The fabric is medium weight, with​ a weight of 4.5 oz. per square yard.

Q: What is the quality ‌of the ⁢fabric like?

A:‍ The fabric is ⁤of‍ superior quality and has a smooth finish with‍ a soft touch to feel.

Q: How should I‌ clean the fabric?

A: The fabric can be washed ⁣in a low setting, but it is‍ best to hand‍ wash and air dry to maintain its quality. Avoid using ​bleach.

Q: What are the multiple uses of this muslin fabric?

A:​ This muslin fabric is incredibly versatile and can ​be used for ⁣various purposes. It is the best choice ⁢for ⁢fashion designers‌ and‌ quilters. It can be ⁤used for backing, backdrops, embroidery, dressmaker fittings,⁣ curtains, cushions, draping, crafting, templates ⁣for ⁢apparel and upholstery ⁣jobs. It has a natural⁤ light drape and stiffness, making it ‍suitable for drapery lining, aprons, ⁤sheets quilting, wall covers, ⁣costume making, ​jewelry bags, and ⁢sashes.

Q: Is⁢ this muslin fabric ⁤affordable?

A: Yes, this muslin fabric⁢ is​ affordable and ⁢offers great ‍value for its ‍generous width‍ and multiple uses.

Q:‌ Where is this ⁣muslin⁤ fabric manufactured?

A: This muslin fabric is manufactured in India.

Q: Can you ⁤provide the product dimensions and other details?

A: The product dimensions are⁢ 108 x 63‍ x 0.02 inches, and it weighs ⁣1.46 pounds. ⁤The item model number‌ is⁣ 19080, and it ​was first available on‍ February 7, ⁣2021. The manufacturer is GravitationOnline, and ⁣the ASIN is B08P11BQQR.

Q: Does this muslin fabric have a natural look and feel?

A: Yes, this muslin‌ fabric ​has a ‍natural look and feel, and it is soft ​to the touch.

Reveal‍ the Extraordinary

In conclusion, the 100% ⁤Natural Cotton Muslin Fabric is ⁣truly the perfect fabric for⁢ all your crafting needs. With⁣ its medium weight and smooth finish,‌ it⁣ offers superior quality and a soft touch that you won’t be able to resist. Whether you’re‍ a fashion designer, quilter, or simply love to get creative, this fabric has endless uses and ​possibilities.

From ‌dressmaker fittings to backdrops, curtains‍ to drapery ⁢lining, this fabric is versatile and can be utilized in a ⁣multitude of projects. Its natural light drape and ‍stiffness‍ make it ideal for templates, upholstery ‍jobs,​ and even costume making. ⁣With its generous width of 63 inches and 3-yard‌ length, you’ll have all the fabric you need to‍ bring your visions to‌ life.

Not only is this​ Muslin fabric ⁣affordable, but it also maintains its ‌quality even after washing. While it can ⁢be washed in a low setting and dried, we ⁣recommend hand washing​ and air drying to ensure it ‍remains in⁢ prime condition. ⁢

Now is the time ‍to unleash your creativity and bring your crafting dreams​ to life with the 100%⁤ Natural Cotton Muslin Fabric. Don’t miss out on this opportunity‌ to elevate your⁢ projects and achieve stunning results.

Click here ‌to get your hands on this incredible⁢ fabric⁢ now!

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