Revolutionize Your Audi’s Wipers with OEM Blades: Unbeatable Quality and Long-lasting Performance

When ⁢it comes to maintaining our beloved Audi A4 Q5 Q3 RS5 S5 allroad, finding⁤ the​ right replacement parts can​ sometimes⁣ feel ⁣like a daunting task. That’s why we were thrilled‍ to come across the OEM Wiper Blades Replacement for Audi A4 Q5 Q3 RS5 S5 allroad 2009-2020. Having‌ had the chance to try out these‌ Original Equipment Replacement Windshield Wipers ‍ourselves, we⁤ can confidently say that they offer top-notch performance ⁣and original factory quality. With a ⁢set of 24-inch and 20-inch blades, these⁢ wipers are designed to perfectly fit our​ Audi’s windshield.⁢ The innovative dual⁢ high tenacity memory spring steel⁤ sheet ensures an ⁢even pressure distribution and excellent⁢ windshield contact, leaving no streaks behind.‍ Plus,​ the‍ simple⁣ installation process⁣ and long lifespan make these wipers a breeze⁣ to use. What’s more, AUTOBOO ⁤provides exceptional ⁣customer service and a generous warranty, giving ⁤us peace of‍ mind ‌with every purchase. So if you’re ‍in need ⁤of​ reliable and efficient ⁢wiper ⁢blades for your Audi A4 Q5 Q3 RS5 ⁢S5⁢ allroad, we​ highly recommend‌ giving these⁣ OEM Wiper Blades a try.

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Overview of the ​OEM Wiper Blades Replacement for Audi A4 Q5 Q3 RS5 ⁤S5 allroad 2009-2020 Original‌ Equipment Replacement Windshield Wipers

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In our review of the OEM Wiper Blades ⁤Replacement for⁢ Audi A4 ​Q5 ‍Q3 RS5 S5 allroad 2009-2020⁤ Original Equipment Replacement Windshield Wipers, we ‌found that these wiper blades are of original factory quality. They are specifically designed to ‌fit Audi models such as the A4, Q5, Q3, RS5, ⁣and S5 allroad from 2009 to 2020.

One of the standout features of these⁤ wiper blades is the 0 streak ​wiping technology. With dual high⁣ tenacity memory spring steel ‌sheets, these wiper blades deliver uniform pressure ⁢distribution and‍ ensure better windshield contact. This means that you can expect⁤ a clean and clear view without any streaks or gaps⁤ while the wipers are working. ‍The smooth ‌engagement ‌of these ‍wiper blades⁤ also enhances their performance, ensuring a seamless wiping experience.

Installing these wiper blades​ is a breeze. They are⁣ designed for simple installation,​ allowing for quick removal and easy cleaning.‍ Moreover, these wiper ⁢blades have ⁣a long ⁤lifespan, providing you with reliable performance for an extended period‍ of‌ time.

When you purchase this set of wiper blades, you​ will receive a complete set of ⁤two blades ​with sizes 24″ and 20″ for the ​left⁢ and right sides. As an​ added bonus, AUTOBOO ‌provides ⁤superb customer service,‍ offering 24-hour online support and a 6-month return policy with a‌ 365-day ⁢warranty. With all these features ⁣and benefits, these OEM Wiper Blades Replacement for Audi A4 ⁤Q5 Q3 RS5 S5 allroad 2009-2020 Original Equipment Replacement Windshield Wipers are⁣ a top choice for maintaining optimal visibility on the road. If you’re interested in purchasing ‌them, you⁣ can find them on Amazon here.

Highlights of the Original Factory Quality Wiper Blades

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  • Dual high tenacity memory spring steel sheet⁣ ensures 0 streak wiping. With this feature,‍ the wiper blades deliver uniform pressure distribution ‍and better windshield ‍contact,‌ leaving no gaps while the wipers are working. This ensures a ⁢clear and smooth wiping⁤ experience, providing ​you‌ with maximum visibility ‌on​ the road.
  • The OEM quality windshield⁤ wiper blades are ⁤designed for all-season ‍use, making ‌them⁣ perfect⁢ for any weather condition. ​Whether it’s rain, snow, or even ⁤dust, these wiper blades will effectively⁣ clean your windshield and provide excellent visibility. You can rely on ​them to keep your windshield clear ‍and⁤ your driving safe.
  • Installation‌ is quick⁢ and simple, thanks to the ​easy-to-follow‍ instructions included with⁤ the⁤ wiper blades. You can easily change them when needed ​and remove ⁢them for cleaning. The long-lasting design ensures that you don’t ⁣have to worry⁢ about frequent replacements, saving ⁣you time and money in‍ the long run.

Upgrade your wiper blades to the Original Factory Quality Wiper Blades ​for your ​Audi A4, ​Q5, ‍Q3, RS5,⁢ S5, ⁤or allroad from 2009 ⁤to 2020. Experience streak-free wiping and enhance⁢ your driving visibility. Get your set of 2 wiper blades (24″ and 20″) today ‍and enjoy a 365-day warranty and ⁢excellent customer service. Don’t let ⁢a dirty windshield compromise your safety, click here to purchase‍ now!

Detailed Insights into the ‍Performance and Durability of the OEM‍ Wiper Blades

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When it comes to the performance and durability of the OEM Wiper Blades Replacement for Audi A4 Q5 Q3 RS5 S5 ​allroad 2009-2020, we were pleasantly surprised.⁢ These wiper blades are a game-changer when​ it comes to keeping your windshield​ clean and clear,⁣ no matter the weather conditions. With ‍their high-quality construction and original factory⁣ design,‍ they provide a smooth engagement and deliver uniform pressure distribution for effective ⁤wiping without leaving any streaks.

One of the standout features of these wiper blades ‌is their dual high tenacity memory spring steel sheet. This innovative design ensures better⁢ windshield contact and eliminates any‍ gaps in wiping, guaranteeing a superior cleaning⁣ performance. Whether you’re facing heavy rain or ​stubborn debris on ⁤your windshield, these⁢ wiper ​blades will tackle the job with precision and ⁤efficiency.

Installation is a breeze ⁣with‍ these ⁤OEM Wiper Blades. ‍They are easy ​to install, quick to remove, and require minimal effort‍ to⁢ clean. Plus, they have an impressive long-lasting lifespan, ensuring you get the most out of⁤ your investment. ‍With a complete set of 24″ and 20″‍ blades included, you’ll have everything you need to⁢ replace your‌ old wipers and enjoy a‌ crystal-clear view of the⁢ road ahead.

Experience the difference for yourself by getting ​the OEM Wiper Blades Replacement for Audi ‌A4⁤ Q5 ‍Q3 RS5⁣ S5 allroad 2009-2020. Don’t settle for⁣ less when‌ it comes ‌to the ⁤performance and durability​ of your windshield wipers. Get these top-quality‍ wiper blades and be prepared for any weather condition that ⁤comes your way. Upgrade your wiper game‌ today and see the difference it makes on your daily ⁢drives.

Engaging Call to Action: Get⁣ the⁣ OEM Wiper Blades Replacement ⁣for Audi A4 Q5 Q3 RS5 S5 ⁤allroad 2009-2020 ‌now and​ experience the ultimate performance and durability.

Specific Recommendations for Audi Owners: Why the OEM Wiper Blades‍ are the Perfect Choice

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When it comes to⁣ finding the best windshield wiper⁤ blades for your Audi, look no further than‍ the OEM Wiper Blades Replacement. These blades are⁤ specifically designed‌ for Audi A4, Q5, Q3, RS5, S5, ⁤and allroad models from 2009 to ​2020. Our⁣ team has ‍carefully‍ tested and selected these wiper ⁣blades as the perfect choice for ‌Audi owners.⁢ Here’s why:

  1. Original Factory Quality:⁣ The OEM Wiper ⁤Blades Replacement are⁢ made with top-notch​ craftsmanship to‍ match the high standards⁢ set by Audi. ⁢These blades are built ‌to ‌last, ensuring long-lasting performance​ and durability.

  2. Optimal Performance: Equipped with dual high tenacity memory‌ spring steel sheets, these wiper blades deliver‌ uniform pressure distribution for‍ a ​streak-free wiping experience. You can rely on ⁣them to provide excellent⁤ windshield contact, ‍leaving no gaps and ensuring clear visibility even⁣ in ⁢challenging‍ weather conditions.

  3. Easy Installation and Maintenance: ⁤Installing and maintaining ‌these wiper blades is a breeze. They are designed for simple installation, quick removal, and ⁣easy cleaning. Plus, ​they ⁣offer a long usage life, so you won’t have​ to worry about frequent replacements.

Invest in the OEM ‌Wiper Blades Replacement, and you’ll experience superior wiping⁣ performance and a clear view of the ‍road ahead. Don’t settle⁣ for anything less⁣ when it comes to ensuring ⁢your⁣ safety on the ⁣road. Get your set of these high-quality wiper blades ‌today and be ready ​for whatever weather ‍comes your way.

[Start enjoying hassle-free driving with the OEM Wiper Blades Replacement!][[]

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

At⁣ our blog, we understand the importance of‍ quality wiper blades for your⁢ Audi. ‌That’s why⁣ we ​have gathered customer reviews to​ analyze the performance, ⁣installation process, ⁤and overall satisfaction of the OEM Wiper Blades ⁣Replacement for Audi A4⁢ Q5⁣ Q3 RS5 S5 allroad 2009-2020. Let’s take a look at what our customers have to say:

Smooth Performance Even in Rainy⁤ Season

“So I’ve been putting ‌off getting new wipers ⁤for my Audi Q5⁣ for many months ‌and ⁢finally​ the rainy season has arrived and ⁢I had to ⁢make a decision so ⁣I pulled⁤ the trigger on getting ⁣these on Amazon,⁣ and I‌ am completely without regrets. ⁤Previously ⁤my wipers have been ⁣stuttering⁤ across my windshield and I ⁤just thought maybe ⁢that’s the‌ nature of this particular car because this ‌has been going on for ‌actually ​years. ⁤I live in Southern California, so​ doesn’t rain that much anyway, these wipers are ⁢smooth as silk they work great ⁢I don’t know how long they last, I’ve only⁤ had​ them for‌ about a month but I highly recommend them! Very easy to install – barely need a flathead screwdriver. great for ⁤the​ price!” – Anonymous Customer

A Great⁣ Value for Easy Installation⁢ and Silent Operation

“These replacement blades were easy to install⁢ on my Audi Q5. They work great, and swipe the‌ windshield‌ very clean without much⁣ noise. Compared to having someone else install their ​blades,‍ it is a great value.” -​ Anonymous Customer

Better than Supposedly OEM Wipers

“Bought these ⁢to replace supposedly OEM‍ wipers (Bosch brand, ‍one‍ year ​old) which were very ‌poor ‍from ⁢the⁢ start and never worked well. These ‌are half the ⁢cost, have the correct​ fitting⁢ and are ‍completely ⁢silent. No noise or chatter​ from these wipers, we’ll ⁢see how long they last, but first impression is good.​ Installation ⁤took all of 3‌ minutes.” ⁣-‍ Anonymous Customer

Pleasing a Car‍ Maintenance Purist

“I purchased these for my wife’s ⁤2021 Audi Q5.⁣ I⁣ have‍ been in the dealership world for 35 years and would say I’m a purist. ⁤I don’t typically entertain aftermarket ‍parts, especially when ⁣it comes to the German stuff. ‍With ‍that being said the closest Audi dealer is 100 miles away⁤ and the local ​Volkswagen dealer wanted over $100 for ‌the 3 wipers I‍ needed. The economy also sucks so I thought ​’what the heck, how bad can they be’? Mind you my ⁣wife despises anything relating to ⁣maintaining a car but is critical of what’s being done and how!‌ Back to the ⁣wipers. They were very similar in design and fit very well. They⁢ had‌ hard plastic protectors on the‌ rubber portion⁢ of the blade to protect the integrity of the blade, were⁣ individually sleeved, and packed nicely ‍in a box‌ instead of the plastic tubes we are all ⁤familiar‍ with. They are a⁤ direct fit and utilize the same style mounting as ⁢the ⁣factory blades. On to ⁤trying them! They ‌work great! My ‌wife sent me a text on ⁢her way to work ⁢’the wipers​ are awesome’!⁤ Anything that gets a passing grade ⁢from her is worth buying!” – ⁣Anonymous ‌Customer

Quick⁤ and Easy⁤ Installation

“fits⁢ 2014 Audi A4, these wipers are custom designed to fit‌ Audi’s easy installation”, “Installed‍ both ⁤in under ⁤a minute! They‍ work great!!”, “These fit my 2017 ​Audi A4 perfectly. Replacement was a snap.” – Anonymous Customers

An Affordable Alternative ​to OEM Wipers

“The wipers fit my 2020 Volvo XC90⁢ and no issues installing – very quick/simple. Unfortunately the driver side‍ is about 0.5” (half ⁤inch) shorter than the ‍original (OEM) wiper but‌ the ⁢passenger side was exact to (OEM) measurements. Regardless, I will⁣ leave them ‌on since ‌these were less $$$s over purchasing the⁣ original ‍from Volvo.”⁣ – Anonymous Customer

Misplaced Cap and Unpleasant Odor

“The cap at the end that covers the sharp metal edge was missing on one of the ⁢blades, which is not going to work for my Audi. I am returning ‌this product. Also they ⁤stink ‌like‌ mothballs.” – Anonymous ⁣Customer

Overall, our customers have expressed satisfaction with the OEM Wiper Blades Replacement for Audi A4 Q5⁣ Q3 RS5 S5 allroad 2009-2020. They appreciate the ⁤smooth performance, easy ​installation ⁢process, and value ⁣that‌ these ⁢blades offer. While there might be occasional ​quality control ⁢issues ⁢like missing caps ‍and unpleasant ⁣odors, the majority of ⁣customers have had ‍positive experiences.

Pros & Cons

Revolutionize Your Audi’s Wipers with OEM Blades: Unbeatable Quality and Long-lasting Performance插图5
1. Unbeatable quality: These OEM wiper blades ⁣are designed to⁣ meet the original factory standards for your Audi‌ A4, Q5, ⁢Q3, RS5, S5,‍ and ‍allroad models. They are made with premium materials to ensure⁤ long-lasting‍ performance and reliability.

  1. All-season performance: These wiper blades are suitable for‌ use in all weather conditions. They provide excellent wiping performance, whether it’s raining, snowing, or ​during hot summer days. ⁣They are designed ⁢to⁣ deliver ⁤streak-free wiping every time, ensuring optimal ​visibility on your windshield.

  2. Easy ⁢installation: ⁤Changing your wiper blades has never been easier. The OEM ‍wiper blades come with a⁤ simple installation process, allowing you​ to quickly replace your old blades with ⁢these ‍new ‍ones.⁤ This means you can spend ⁤less‌ time ‍on installation​ and more time on enjoying ​a clear view of the road ahead.

  3. Improved windshield contact:⁣ The dual high ‌tenacity memory spring‌ steel sheet used in these wiper blades distributes pressure ⁤evenly ⁣across the windshield, ensuring ​better contact and wiping performance. ⁣This eliminates any gaps that may ​cause streaks or missed spots, resulting in ⁢a pristine and clear windshield.

  4. Longevity: These wiper blades are⁢ built to⁤ last. With their high-quality construction, ⁣they‍ offer a longer lifespan compared to generic wiper blades. This‍ means you won’t have to ⁤replace them as frequently, saving you ⁢time and money in⁤ the long run.

  5. Excellent customer service:⁣ AUTOBOO, the‍ manufacturer of these OEM wiper blades, provides 24-hour ​online customer service.‍ They​ also offer a 6-month‍ return policy and a ⁣365-day warranty, ensuring that you are ⁢fully ‌satisfied with your purchase.


  1. Limited‍ compatibility: These OEM wiper blades are specifically designed for Audi A4, Q5, Q3, ‌RS5, S5, and allroad models from‍ 2009 to‌ 2020. If you have a ⁣different Audi model ⁣or a different year, these wiper blades may not fit properly.

  2. Price: While⁤ these OEM wiper blades offer superior quality and performance, they may ‌come at a slightly higher price compared to generic aftermarket blades. However, considering their durability and⁢ excellence, the⁤ investment is worthwhile.

Overall,‍ the ‍OEM Wiper Blades Replacement for Audi A4, Q5, Q3,​ RS5, ‌S5, and allroad models are⁣ an excellent choice for those seeking ⁢top-notch quality and long-lasting ​performance ‌from their windshield wipers.‌ With their unbeatable⁤ quality, ⁣easy ‍installation, and superior wiping ​performance, these wiper ⁢blades ⁣will revolutionize‌ your​ driving experience and ensure clear visibility in ​all weather conditions.


Revolutionize Your Audi’s Wipers with OEM Blades: Unbeatable Quality and Long-lasting Performance插图6
Q: Are these wiper blades⁣ compatible with‌ all Audi⁤ models?

A: Yes,‍ these OEM wiper blades are specifically designed as replacements ⁤for Audi⁢ A4, Q5, Q3, RS5, S5, and allroad models from 2009-2020. They are a‌ perfect fit⁣ for these vehicles.

Q: Will these wiper⁤ blades leave ⁤streaks on the windshield?

A: No, these wiper blades feature⁣ dual high tenacity memory spring steel ‍sheets ⁣that deliver uniform pressure distribution and better windshield⁢ contact. This‍ ensures a streak-free wiping performance without leaving any gaps on the windshield.

Q: Are these wiper ‍blades easy⁢ to install?

A: Absolutely! Changing these OEM wiper blades is ‍a breeze. They have a simple ‍installation process, making it⁢ quick and hassle-free to remove the old blades​ and install the new ones. Additionally,⁣ they are easy to ⁤clean ⁢and ​are⁣ designed for long-lasting use.

Q: What‌ sizes are included in the set of wiper blades?

A: The set ⁢includes two wiper blades, with sizes ‍of 24 inches​ and‍ 20 inches. The 24-inch blade is for ⁣the driver’s side, while the 20-inch blade is for the passenger‌ side of​ the vehicle.

Q: Do these ⁣wiper blades come with a warranty?

A: Yes, these‍ wiper ⁢blades come⁣ with a ⁢365-day warranty. We ⁢offer superior customer service, and our products are backed by our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, we provide 24-hour online service, and ⁢if for any reason you are ⁤not‍ satisfied, you can ⁣return the product within 6 months.

Q: ‌Are these wiper ‍blades of original factory quality?

A: ⁤Yes,​ these OEM wiper blades are made with original ⁢factory quality. ⁤They are ⁤100% brand​ new and provide excellent ‍performance ⁤that ‍matches the wipers originally installed ⁢on your Audi. You can trust their durability and reliability.

Q: Will these wiper⁣ blades fit‍ other Audi models not listed?

A:​ These wiper⁢ blades are ⁢specifically designed for Audi A4, Q5, Q3,⁤ RS5, S5, and allroad models from 2009-2020, per​ the part numbers mentioned⁣ in the product description. While they may fit ‌other Audi ⁢models, ⁣we recommend using the provided part numbers ​for ⁣compatibility.

Q: Can these wiper blades handle all-weather conditions?

A: ​Yes, these wiper blades are designed⁣ to be ‍all-season wipers. They ‌provide‌ excellent performance in​ various weather conditions, ensuring clear⁣ visibility⁢ during rain, snow, or any ⁤other weather‍ condition you may encounter on the road.

Q: How long can ‌I expect these wiper blades to last?

A: These OEM‌ wiper blades are made with high-quality materials for ‌long-lasting performance. ⁢With proper ‌care and maintenance, you can expect them​ to provide ⁤smooth​ and efficient wiping ⁤for an​ extended⁣ period.

Transform Your‌ World

In conclusion,⁣ when it comes to upgrading your Audi’s wipers, there’s no better choice⁣ than the OEM Wiper Blades Replacement. With unbeatable quality and long-lasting performance, these wipers are⁣ sure to revolutionize your driving⁢ experience.

Crafted⁢ specifically for Audi A4, ⁢Q5, Q3,‍ RS5, S5, ‍and allroad models from ‌2009 to 2020,⁣ these wipers are designed ⁤to ‌perfectly fit your ​vehicle. Made with original factory quality​ in mind,​ they are a​ reliable replacement for your windshield wipers.

One of the⁢ standout features of‌ these wiper blades ⁢is their 0 streak wiping capability.​ With dual high ‍tenacity memory ⁣spring steel sheets, they⁤ deliver uniform pressure⁣ distribution,‍ ensuring better windshield ⁤contact without leaving⁣ any gaps. ⁣Say goodbye to those annoying streaks obstructing your view!

Installation is a breeze with these wiper blades. They are easy and simple to change, ⁤quick to remove,⁢ and easy to clean. Once‌ installed,⁤ you can enjoy their long-lasting performance, as they are⁣ built to withstand all seasons and provide a smooth engagement.

When you purchase this‌ product, you will ​receive‌ a complete set of two wiper blades, with sizes 24″⁤ and 20″ for ‌the ‌left and right ⁤sides respectively. And if you have any questions or concerns, don’t worry.⁢ AUTOBOO, the manufacturer of these ⁢wiper blades, offers ‌exceptional customer‍ service, ‌available 24 hours online. Plus,⁣ they provide a 6-month return ⁢policy and a 365-day warranty, ensuring‍ your satisfaction.

So, don’t wait any longer! Upgrade your ‌Audi’s ⁣wipers with⁢ the‌ OEM Wiper Blades Replacement and experience the incredible‍ quality and performance they have to offer. Click here to purchase this product now and enhance your driving ⁤experience: Purchase now.

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