Cheers to Controversy: Trump Mug Shot Shot Glass Review

If you’re looking‌ for⁣ a quirky and ⁤unique gift, then⁣ look no further than the ⁣2 Pack Trump ⁣Mug Shot ​Shot Glass! As soon as we laid eyes on these hilarious shot glasses featuring Donald Trump’s⁢ mugshot, we knew we ⁤had to get​ our hands on them. With the words “Never ‍Surrender,⁢ Not⁣ Guilty, ⁢Free Trump” plastered across the front, these small glass cups are sure to be a conversation‍ starter ⁣at any party. Plus, they make for a great gift for your politically-minded friends. Just remember, ⁣these shot glasses are not suitable for microwave ‌ovens‍ or dishwashers due to the low temperature decal ⁣printing. Stay tuned as we ⁢dive into all the details⁢ of this must-have mug gift!

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In our⁤ review of the 2 Pack Trump Mug Shot⁤ Shot Glass, we found it to be a ‍hilarious⁤ and unique addition to ⁤any collection. The funny ⁢Donald Trump police mugshot photo ‍is sure to spark conversation and laughter among your guests. The 1.5oz shot glass is small and easy to​ hold, making it perfect for parties or‌ gatherings.

The low ⁣temperature decal printing⁣ gives the shot glass a​ high-quality look and ⁢feel, but it’s important ‍to note that it is not suitable for⁣ use in ‍microwave ovens‍ or dishwashers. Overall,​ we think this mug ⁢shot ⁢shot glass ‌makes⁣ a great gift for any Trump supporter or political enthusiast. Add some humor to⁣ your barware collection⁤ today!⁣ Check⁣ it out​ on‌ Amazon ​ here.

Eye-Catching Design‌ and High-Quality Material

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When it comes to the design of ‍these shot‍ glasses, they definitely stand out from the crowd. The mugshot photo of Donald Trump adds ⁣a unique and⁤ eye-catching element to the glasses, making them a great conversation starter ‍at any ​party or gathering. The high-quality material⁢ used in the ‍construction of⁢ the glasses ensures durability and longevity, ‌so you ‌can enjoy using them for years to⁣ come.

The low temperature decal printing technique used on ⁤these shot glasses not only adds to their visual appeal but also ensures that​ the design will not fade‍ or peel over time. While it’s important to note that these glasses are not suitable for microwave ovens ‌or dishwashers,​ they can easily be hand washed for⁣ quick and easy ⁣cleaning. With their combination of ⁣striking ‍design and quality material, these shot glasses are sure to be ​a hit ⁤with anyone looking to⁢ add a fun and unique touch to their ​barware collection.

Check out ⁣the 2 Pack Trump Mug Shot Shot‌ Glass​ on Amazon now!

Fun ⁣Addition for Parties and Gatherings

These Trump ⁣mug shot shot glasses ​are a hilarious addition to‍ any​ party or gathering. The police mugshot photo ‌of Donald Trump ‌adds a touch ⁣of humor ‌and conversation starter ⁤to​ your events. With a capacity of ​1.5oz, these small glass cups are perfect for serving shots and creating ‍a fun atmosphere.

The low⁤ temperature ​decal ⁣printing ensures that the design​ stays intact for a long time, but be aware that these ⁢shot glasses are not suitable for microwave ovens or dishwashers.‌ Whether you’re ​a Trump supporter or not, these shot glasses make a great gift or party​ favor. Add a touch of political⁢ satire to your next event with these funny shot glasses. Check them out on Amazon ‌today!

Perfect Gift ⁤for Trump Supporter or Critic

We recently purchased the 2 Pack Trump Mug Shot Shot Glass and couldn’t be happier with our decision. The funny Donald Trump police mugshot photo is​ a hilarious conversation starter, whether you’re a supporter or critic of ​the former president.‌ The 1.5oz shot glass is⁣ the⁢ perfect size for ‌a quick drink and the design is sure to ⁢bring⁢ a smile ⁣to anyone’s face.

The low temperature decal printing ensures that the mug shot ⁣design won’t fade or‌ wear off easily, making it a long-lasting addition to any ​collection. Keep​ in mind‌ that ‌this shot glass is not suitable⁢ for microwave ⁢ovens or dishwashers, ⁣so be sure to hand wash it to preserve the quality. Whether you’re looking for a‍ unique gift for a ⁢friend ⁣or just want to add some humor to your ⁤own kitchen​ cabinet, this shot glass is‌ a must-have. Don’t‍ miss out on the chance to own this hilarious piece of political memorabilia – check it out on Amazon!

Customer​ Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After going through numerous customer reviews, we have​ compiled a summary⁢ of⁤ what people are ⁤saying⁤ about the 2 Pack ⁣Trump Mug ⁢Shot Shot Glass. Let’s take a look:

Review Summary
“Lots of fun, the best shot glass ‍ever.” This review emphasizes the fun factor of the shot glass, suggesting that it brings joy ⁣to its users.
“This shot‍ glass has the‍ mug shot as seen in the media with bright clear ‌colors. Suitable ​as a gift.” Another satisfied customer appreciates the​ design of the shot glass and recommends it as ‌a‍ gift option.

Overall, the ⁣reviews for the Trump Mug Shot Shot Glass are positive, highlighting its entertainment value and suitability as a⁢ gift. Whether you’re⁣ a⁣ fan of Donald​ Trump or not, ‍this shot glass ‍seems⁢ to ‌be a hit among consumers.

Pros & Cons


  • Unique and humorous design
  • Great gift for those with a sense⁢ of humor
  • Good quality glass material
  • Perfect‍ size for a shot
  • Easy to clean by hand washing


  • Not suitable for microwave ovens or dishwashers
  • Design may not be suitable for all individuals
  • Some may⁢ find the mug shot image controversial
  • Price may be a bit high ⁣for a novelty‌ item

Pros Cons
Unique and humorous design Not suitable for microwave ovens or dishwashers
Great gift for those with a sense⁣ of humor Design may ‌not‌ be suitable ⁤for all individuals
Good quality glass material Some ⁤may ⁣find ⁤the mug shot image controversial
Perfect size⁢ for a ‌shot Price may ⁤be a bit high for a novelty⁤ item
Easy to clean by hand washing


Q: Is the design of the‍ Trump Mug Shot Shot Glass‍ as ⁢controversial ⁢as it sounds?
A: Absolutely. The‌ mug features a humorous Donald Trump police mugshot photo with the words ⁣”Never⁣ Surrender, Not Guilty, Free⁤ Trump” printed ‌on it. Definitely​ a conversation‍ starter at any party or gathering.

Q: How ⁤is the quality of the shot ‍glass?
A: The shot glass is made‍ of durable glass and has a capacity of 1.5oz. ⁤The design is​ printed​ using⁣ low temperature decal printing, which⁤ ensures that it will last a long time with proper care.

Q: Can I put this shot glass in​ the microwave or dishwasher?
A: Unfortunately, no. The⁣ Trump Mug Shot Shot Glass is not suitable for use ​in microwave ovens ⁣or dishwashers. It’s recommended to hand wash it to preserve the design.

Q: Is this shot glass a good gift idea?
A:⁤ If you have a⁢ friend with ⁤a sense of humor and an appreciation for⁤ political satire, then definitely! It’s a unique ‍and funny gift that is⁣ sure ​to be a⁢ hit.

Q: Does the shot ⁢glass come in a pack?
A: Yes, ⁤the Trump Mug Shot Shot Glass comes in a 2 pack, so you can share the fun with a friend or keep one as a ⁤backup.

Q:‌ Overall, would you recommend⁤ this product?
A: If you’re looking for a fun and unique shot glass⁤ to add to your collection, then yes, we would definitely recommend the Trump Mug Shot Shot Glass. Just remember to handle‌ it‍ with ‍care to ensure ⁣the design ⁢stays intact. ⁤Cheers ⁤to⁤ controversy!

Seize the​ Opportunity

In conclusion, the Trump Mug Shot Shot Glass is a one-of-a-kind novelty item that sparks conversation and controversy. With its ‌funny design ⁤featuring⁢ Donald Trump’s mugshot, this⁣ 1.5oz shot glass is sure to be a ​hit at any ⁣gathering. Just remember, it’s not suitable for microwave ovens or dishwashers due to its low temperature decal printing. So, raise a toast and‍ cheers to the uniqueness of this shot glass!

If ⁢you’re⁢ looking to add a touch of humor‍ to your collection, you can find the Trump Mug Shot Shot Glass on Amazon⁢ here: Get your Trump Mug Shot ‌Shot Glass now!

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