Captivating CocoDolphin Background Sheet: Elevate Your Zhuazhou Ritual!

Welcome to our review of the CocoDolphin Background Sheet for Zhuazhou set Doljabi set ​Zhua Zhou 抓周红布 100cm * 100cm! We had the opportunity to get our hands on this product and put it to the ⁢test, and we are excited ⁢to share our experience ‌with you.

But first, ⁣let us explain what Zhuazhou​ is. Zhuazhou⁤ is a traditional Chinese ritual that takes​ place during a child’s first birthday party. It involves placing ‌objects on ‌a‍ red background that symbolize ⁣various career choices or personality traits. ⁢The child’s choice among ⁤these objects is believed to‍ predict their future path.

Now, let’s talk about the CocoDolphin Background Sheet. This red blanket is the ⁣perfect size, measuring⁤ 39in 39in (100 cm 100 cm), to accommodate⁢ all⁤ the zhua ​zhou items and the baby on top. We were impressed​ by ‍the vibrant red color and the quality⁢ of the ⁣materials used.⁣ The blanket is ⁢made of polyester printed fabric (涤纶印花布), ensuring its durability​ and longevity.

One ⁢of the standout features of this background sheet‍ is the meaningful texts printed on it‌ – “平安喜乐” (peace and happiness), “吉祥如意” (good luck and fortune), ‍”一生顺遂” (smooth and prosperous life), and “前程似锦” (a bright ​future).‍ These ‍texts represent the heartfelt wishes of parents for their baby’s future. It adds a ⁢touch of⁣ cultural significance and positivity to​ the⁤ ritual.

However, it is important to​ note that this product is just a background ​sheet. You ⁣will‌ need‍ to purchase‍ zhua zhou items separately​ to ⁢complete the ritual. Despite this, we believe that the CocoDolphin Background Sheet⁣ is an⁤ essential component for creating a visually stunning and memorable zhua zhou ceremony.

In conclusion, our first-hand experience with the CocoDolphin Background Sheet for Zhuazhou set Doljabi set Zhua Zhou 抓周红布 100cm * 100cm has been truly delightful.​ Its size, material quality, ‌and meaningful ​texts make ‌it⁤ a wonderful addition to any zhua ‍zhou ritual. So, if you’re looking to capture beautiful moments ⁤and create lasting memories, we highly recommend considering ⁢this background sheet.

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Overview of the CocoDolphin Background Sheet⁤ for Zhuazhou set Doljabi⁣ set ‍Zhua Zhou

Captivating CocoDolphin Background Sheet: Elevate Your Zhuazhou Ritual!插图

The CocoDolphin⁤ Background Sheet for‍ Zhuazhou set Doljabi set Zhua Zhou is the perfect addition to any child’s⁣ first birthday party. This Chinese ritual, known as Zhuazhou, involves placing objects symbolizing career ⁣choices or ‍personality traits on a red background. The child’s choice is then used to predict ⁣their‍ future. This large ‍red blanket, measuring 39in * 39in (100‌ cm * 100 cm), provides ample space to beautifully display all⁢ the ​zhua zhou ‍items and the⁤ baby on top. ​Not only does it ⁤create a stunning visual on camera, but it also adds an authentic touch to⁢ the celebration.

The background sheet⁢ is ⁤made from ‌polyester‍ printed fabric, ensuring its durability and longevity. It features four meaningful⁤ texts: “平安喜乐” (peace and joy), ⁢”吉祥如意” (good fortune ‍and prosperity), “一生顺遂” (smooth and⁤ successful ⁤life), and “前程似锦” (a bright future). These texts‌ represent the parents’ heartfelt wishes for the baby’s‍ future. Please note ‌that this product is solely ‍a ⁢background sheet, ‌and you will need to purchase zhuazhou items separately to complete the set.

Product ⁣Specifications:

Size Materials Texts on ⁤the Carpet
39in * 39in (100 cm * 100 cm) Polyester printed fabric (涤纶印花布)

  • “平安喜乐” – peace and joy
  • “吉祥如意” – good fortune ​and ​prosperity
  • “一生顺遂” – smooth and successful life
  • “前程似锦” – a bright future

Make your child’s Zhuazhou‍ celebration‌ unforgettable with the CocoDolphin​ Background Sheet. Click here to purchase it now!

Specific ‌features‌ and aspects of the CocoDolphin Background Sheet for Zhuazhou set Doljabi set ‍Zhua Zhou

Captivating CocoDolphin Background Sheet: Elevate Your Zhuazhou Ritual!插图1

  1. Large Size: The CocoDolphin Background Sheet for Zhuazhou set Doljabi set⁢ Zhua Zhou is a spacious red carpet measuring 39in by 39in (100cm by 100cm). This generous size allows ‍you ⁤to comfortably place all ‍your zhua ⁤zhou items and the baby on top, creating‍ a captivating‌ and mesmerizing ‍scene. Capture stunning photos and videos‍ of this enchanting moment with ease.

  2. Meaningful Texts: The red ⁤carpet features beautifully printed texts that add ‍an​ extra layer of depth to the ritual.​ The texts on ‌the carpet, including “平安喜乐” (peace ‌and joy), “吉祥如意” (good​ luck),⁤ “一生顺遂” (smooth sailing throughout⁤ life), and “前程似锦” (a future as bright ⁣as brocade), ‍represent the ⁤heartfelt best wishes of parents for their baby’s prosperous future. These meaningful‍ phrases not only ⁢enhance the aesthetic appeal of the background sheet but also embody the hopes and​ dreams of ‍loved ones.

  3. High-Quality ​Material: Crafted from polyester printed fabric (涤纶印花布), the CocoDolphin Background Sheet is not only visually stunning but also durable and long-lasting. ‌Its premium material ensures that the carpet maintains its vibrant⁤ color and remains in excellent condition over time. This‌ high-quality fabric adds a touch of elegance and‌ refinement to the ritual, creating a memorable and cherished ⁢experience.

Experience the beauty and significance⁤ of the Zhuazhou ritual with the CocoDolphin Background Sheet for Zhuazhou set​ Doljabi set⁣ Zhua Zhou. Capture‍ the magic on camera, create‍ a⁢ remarkable ‌backdrop for the occasion, and forecast your baby’s ⁢future ⁢in style. Unlock the potential ​and joy of this ancient Chinese tradition by purchasing this ‍exquisite⁣ background sheet‍ today. Visit‍ our Amazon ​store to‌ bring this ⁢enchanting piece‌ into your life.

Detailed insights and recommendations for the CocoDolphin Background Sheet for Zhuazhou set⁣ Doljabi set Zhua Zhou product

Captivating CocoDolphin Background Sheet: Elevate Your Zhuazhou Ritual!插图2

When it⁣ comes to celebrating your child’s⁢ first birthday ⁤and participating in the traditional ⁣Chinese ritual of Zhuazhou, the CocoDolphin Background Sheet is ‍an essential addition to ‍create a memorable ‍and meaningful experience. This‌ large-size‍ red carpet,​ measuring 39in ⁣ 39in (100 cm 100 cm), provides the perfect backdrop for placing ‌all your zhua zhou items and baby‌ on top, making it a stunning visual element for capturing those precious moments on camera.

Crafted with polyester printed fabric‍ (涤纶印花布), the material of ‍this background sheet is not only durable but‍ also adds an elegant touch to​ the overall setting. The mesmerizing ⁣texts “平安喜乐”, “吉祥如意”, “一生顺遂”,‌ and “前程似锦” embellished⁤ on the carpet⁢ represent the heartfelt wishes parents have for their little one’s bright future.

Please note that‍ this product serves as a background sheet only, ⁣and you will need to purchase zhua zhou items ⁤separately.⁢ It is worth mentioning, however, that the ​CocoDolphin ⁢Background Sheet seamlessly complements various zhua zhou ⁣items, enhancing the aesthetics and⁣ symbolism ‌of the ritual. So, why wait? Make‌ your child’s first birthday celebration⁢ truly special by incorporating this‌ exquisite background sheet.

For more information and to purchase the CocoDolphin Background Sheet‍ for Zhuazhou set Doljabi‍ set Zhua Zhou product, click here (link: Let’s create beautiful memories together!

Pros Cons
Large ⁢size allows for‌ placement of all zhua zhou items and baby Does not ⁤include zhua zhou items
Beautiful⁤ and durable polyester printed⁣ fabric Additional zhua zhou items need to be purchased separately
Elegant texts representing parents’ best wishes ⁣for the baby’s future

Customer Reviews Analysis

Captivating CocoDolphin Background Sheet: Elevate Your Zhuazhou Ritual!插图3

Customer Reviews Analysis

When it⁣ comes ​to⁣ the CocoDolphin Background Sheet for Zhuazhou set ‌Doljabi set Zhua ‍Zhou 抓周红布 100cm * 100cm, our customers‌ have shared their thoughts ‌and ⁤experiences. Let’s ⁤take a closer look at what ​they had ⁤to say:

Review Rating
The mat is great

It’s a traditional Chinese game I heard from⁣ colleague. I bought this as a gift⁤ to friends ⁤whose baby is about ⁣6 months.⁢ They⁣ enjoyed it!

The material is too light. Not very easy to use. ⭐️⭐️
Correct size and good⁣ quality. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Let’s break down these reviews for a deeper understanding:

  • “The mat is ⁤great” – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    ⁤ One customer expressed their positive⁢ experience with the CocoDolphin ‌Background Sheet. They mentioned‍ hearing about‌ the traditional Chinese game and decided​ to gift it to their friends with⁣ a 6-month-old baby.‍ According to them, the baby​ and his parents enjoyed it. This review highlights ⁤the‌ captivating nature of the product, making it an ⁣enjoyable addition to ⁣the Zhuazhou ritual.

  • “The material is too light. Not very ‍easy to use.” – ⭐️⭐️

    Another customer ⁢found the material to be ⁢too light and not very user-friendly. Despite the overall rating being lower, this ​feedback emphasizes the ⁣need for improvement in⁤ terms⁢ of‍ material quality and ease of use. It’s important‍ for our team to take this into consideration when producing future background​ sheets.

  • “Correct size and good quality” – ‍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    One customer appreciated the CocoDolphin Background Sheet’s correct size and good quality. This positive review indicates that our product ‍meets the customer’s expectations in terms of size and overall quality.

We appreciate all of the feedback ⁢we receive from our customers as it helps us⁢ enhance our ​products and provide better experiences. Whether it’s enjoying the captivating nature⁤ of the mat or suggesting improvements, your valuable insights⁣ drive our continuous ‌effort to deliver excellent products.


Overall, the CocoDolphin Background Sheet for Zhuazhou set Doljabi set​ Zhua Zhou 抓周红布 100cm ​* 100cm ⁤receives positive feedback as ⁢well as suggestions for improvement. With⁣ its captivating ‌nature⁤ and appropriate size, this background sheet can elevate the Zhuazhou‍ ritual, making⁤ it an engaging and memorable‍ experience⁣ for both parents⁤ and their little ones.

We take note of⁢ the suggestions for improvement regarding the material quality and ease of use. By incorporating⁣ these suggestions,​ we aim to bring a more satisfying and user-friendly product to our ⁢customers in the future.

Pros & Cons

Captivating CocoDolphin Background Sheet: Elevate Your Zhuazhou Ritual!插图4


  • The⁢ CocoDolphin ‍Background Sheet ⁢is ‌perfect for enhancing the traditional Chinese ritual of Zhuazhou. It ​provides a beautiful and vibrant red backdrop that adds a touch of elegance and ‍significance ⁢to the ceremony.
  • The large size of the sheet (39in * 39in or ‍100 cm * 100 ‍cm) ensures that you have ample space⁤ to arrange all your zhua zhou items and place the baby on top. It ⁣allows for easy organization and creates a visually pleasing setup.
  • Made with ⁣polyester printed‍ fabric, the background sheet is durable and easy to maintain. You can simply spot clean​ it ‌if needed ​and‌ it will retain its vibrant colors⁤ for a long time.
  • The text on the carpet,​ which reads⁢ “平安喜乐”, “吉祥如意”, “一生顺遂”, and “前程似锦”, represents the ⁤parents’ best wishes for the baby’s bright future. These meaningful phrases⁤ add depth and symbolism to the ritual.
  • The CocoDolphin Background Sheet is designed to look amazing on​ camera. Its vibrant red color pops and ⁣creates captivating visuals, making your‌ photos and ‌videos of the Zhuazhou ⁢ceremony stand ⁤out.


  • One important thing to note ‌is that‌ this product ⁢is‌ only a background sheet and does not include any zhua zhou items. You will need to purchase those separately to complete the ritual.

Please keep in mind the pros ​and ‌cons of the CocoDolphin ⁣Background Sheet when considering it for⁣ your​ Zhuazhou ritual. It can elevate ⁤the ceremony and create memorable moments, but you will⁤ need additional ‍items to​ complete the⁢ setup.


Q: What is the CocoDolphin Background Sheet for Zhuazhou set Doljabi⁤ set Zhua Zhou? ‍

A: The CocoDolphin Background Sheet for ⁣Zhuazhou set Doljabi set Zhua Zhou is a stunning red blanket specifically​ designed for⁤ the traditional Chinese ritual called Zhuazhou. It serves as a backdrop for⁣ the ritual, where parents place ‍various symbolic objects on the sheet to forecast their child’s future. This large-size ⁤red carpet measures 39 inches by 39 inches (100 cm ‌by 100 cm) ⁣and provides ample space for all‍ the zhua zhou items and⁣ the baby. Not only does it create a captivating visual ‍aesthetic, but it ‍also ensures that the ritual ‍can be beautifully ​captured on camera.

Q: What is the‍ material of⁤ the background sheet?

A: ​The⁣ background sheet is made ​from polyester printed ‍fabric, known as 涤纶印花布 in‌ Chinese. This material offers durability, vibrant colors, and a smooth texture, making it⁣ ideal for creating a‌ visually appealing⁣ setting for the Zhuazhou ritual.

Q: What are the‍ texts on the ⁢carpet and what do they represent?

A: The CocoDolphin Background Sheet features meaningful texts⁢ in Chinese characters. The ⁤texts ⁢on⁤ the carpet ​include “平安喜乐” (peace and joy), “吉祥如意” (good fortune ⁤and prosperity), “一生顺遂” (a smooth and‍ successful life),​ and “前程似锦” (a bright and promising ‌future). These texts represent the heartfelt wishes and blessings⁣ that parents have for⁢ their⁢ child’s future, symbolizing their hopes for happiness, success, and a prosperous journey ahead.

Q: Is the CocoDolphin Background Sheet inclusive of‍ the zhua zhou items?

A: No, the ‍CocoDolphin Background Sheet‌ is solely a background sheet and does not include any zhua zhou items. You will need​ to purchase the zhua zhou items separately ​to complete the ritual. However, ​once you have the items, this delightful‌ background sheet⁢ will elevate the entire experience​ and add a touch of charm⁤ to the ceremony.

Q: Can ​you ⁣provide the ​exact measurements of the CocoDolphin Background Sheet?

A: Certainly!⁢ The CocoDolphin Background Sheet measures 39 inches by 39 inches, which is equivalent to 100 cm by 100 cm. This size offers ‍ample space ​for placing all the ⁢zhua zhou items​ and the baby, ensuring a visually appealing and well-organized setting for the Zhuazhou ritual.

The CocoDolphin Background Sheet for Zhuazhou set Doljabi set Zhua Zhou is a captivating ​addition to any Zhuazhou ⁢ritual. ‌Crafted from polyester printed fabric, ⁢this large-size red carpet provides the‍ ideal ‍backdrop for forecasting a child’s future. ⁢With meaningful texts representing parents’ best wishes, this ⁢background sheet serves as a symbol of⁤ hope, prosperity, and joy. While the sheet is sold separately from the zhua zhou items, it transforms the ‌ritual into a visually ⁤stunning experience that can be cherished for years to come. Elevate your ​Zhuazhou ceremony with the‍ CocoDolphin Background Sheet and create memories that will ‍last a lifetime.

Reveal the Extraordinary

In conclusion, the CocoDolphin Background Sheet for⁣ Zhuazhou set Doljabi set‍ Zhua Zhou is⁤ a captivating addition​ to elevate your Zhuazhou ritual. ⁤This Chinese tradition holds immense significance, and ⁤we⁣ understand the importance of creating a visually stunning backdrop for this ⁤special occasion.

With its large size of 39in 39in (100 ​cm 100 cm), this red blanket provides ample space to⁢ place all the zhua zhou items and the baby on ‌top. Made​ from high-quality polyester printed fabric (涤纶印花布), it ⁤not ​only adds a touch of elegance to the ceremony but ⁢also ensures durability.

One of‌ the ‍noteworthy features of this ⁢background sheet is the meaningful texts printed on it. The phrases “平安喜乐”, “吉祥如意”,​ “一生顺遂”, and “前程似锦” beautifully‍ represent the parents’ best wishes‍ for their baby’s bright future.‌ This‍ symbolic element adds an extra layer of intention and charm to ⁤your Zhuazhou​ celebration.

It is essential to ‍note that this product is solely a background sheet and does not include the zhuazhou items. However, when⁢ combined⁤ with your carefully chosen objects, ‍this CocoDolphin Background Sheet will transform the ⁣ritual into a visually ​stunning and memorable⁣ event.

Elevate your Zhuazhou‍ tradition and make lasting memories with the CocoDolphin Background Sheet. ​Enhance the visual impact of this cherished practice and create a delightful atmosphere for your little one’s⁣ future predictions.

If you’re ready to add⁢ a touch of magic to your‌ Zhuazhou ceremony, click ​ here ‍to get your CocoDolphin Background ⁤Sheet today.

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