We’ve Discovered the Perfect Sesame Oil: Kadoya Pure Sesame Delight!

Welcome, fellow food enthusiasts, to our latest product review! Today, we’re excited to share our first-hand experience with the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil Fluid Ounce, 11 Fl Oz (B3039). We know that finding the perfect ingredient to elevate your dishes can be a culinary adventure, and this product promises to deliver a rich and smooth taste that will transport your taste buds to new heights. As we dive into the world of this pure sesame oil, join us on this flavorful journey and discover how it can be used as both a seasoning and a dressing. So, let’s get cooking and explore the wonders of Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil together!

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When it comes to enhancing the flavors of our dishes, we’ve discovered the perfect secret ingredient – Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil. This high-quality sesame oil comes in a convenient 11 fluid ounces bottle, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re looking to season your favorite foods or dress up your salads, this product is sure to please your taste buds.

Product Dimensions: With dimensions of 4.99 x 4.99 x 4.99 inches and weighing in at 12 ounces, this bottle of Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is easy to handle and store in your pantry.

Item Model Number: The item model number for this product is B3039, which ensures that you receive the exact variant you desire.

UPC: The product’s UPC is 012822009062, allowing you to easily identify it during your shopping trips.

Country of Origin: Made with care in Japan, this product proudly brings a touch of authentic Japanese flavor to your meals.

Rich and Smooth Taste: With Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil, you’ll experience a rich and smooth taste that elevates your dishes to a whole new level. Its bold flavor, derived from top-quality sesame seeds, adds depth and complexity to your cooking.

Whether you’re using it as a seasoning or dressing, this oil is the perfect companion in your culinary adventures. So why wait? Enhance your dishes and tantalize your taste buds by trying out Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil! Click here to get your bottle today!

Highlighted Features

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Highlighted Features:

  1. Versatile Use: The Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is a must-have in every kitchen, thanks to its versatile use as a seasoning or dressing. Whether you want to add a nutty flavor to your stir-fries, marinades, or salad dressings, this sesame oil is the perfect ingredient.

  2. Rich and Smooth Taste: Made in Japan, this pure sesame oil offers a rich and smooth taste that elevates the flavors of your dishes. Its authentic and high-quality flavor profile ensures that your culinary creations are bursting with deliciousness.

  3. High-Quality Product: Kadoya is a trusted brand known for its commitment to delivering top-notch products. This sesame oil is no exception, as it is made from the finest sesame seeds and processed with utmost care to preserve its natural goodness.

  4. Convenient Packaging: The Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil comes in a fluid ounce bottle, making it easy to use and store. Its compact size ensures that you can have this essential ingredient within arm’s reach whenever you need it in the kitchen.

With its versatile use, rich taste, and high-quality production, the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is a kitchen staple that enhances the flavor profile of any dish. Experience the authentic taste of Japan by adding this remarkable ingredient to your cooking. Grab your bottle today and elevate your culinary creations to new heights! Check it out on Amazon

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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After thoroughly exploring the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil, we are excited to share our insights and recommendations. This product offers much more than meets the eye, making it a must-have in every kitchen.

One aspect that stood out to us is the product’s versatility. Whether you want to use it as a seasoning or a dressing, this sesame oil delivers exceptional flavor and depth to any dish. Its rich and smooth taste enhances everything from stir-fries to salads, making it a valuable addition to your cooking repertoire.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil originates from Japan. Japan has long been renowned for its culinary expertise, and this product is a testament to that. The oil is carefully produced, ensuring its authenticity and quality. With every drop, you can experience the authentic and distinct flavor that Japanese cuisine is known for.

To summarize, the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is a versatile and authentic product that adds a touch of excellence to your culinary creations. Whether you use it as a seasoning or dressing, its rich and smooth taste elevates every dish. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your cooking experience – try the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil today!

Click here to purchase the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil and elevate your culinary creations with its exceptional flavor!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have gathered a collection of customer reviews for the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil and analyzed them to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the product’s qualities and benefits. Let’s dive into what customers have been saying:

Review Rating

I use this to flavor all my Asian dishes and it’s quite good. It has a strong sesame taste so don’t use too much at a time. It’s especially good in soups. Exactly what I wanted.

The bottle top pours without running down the side, hence 5 stars at “packaging”. I’d have preferred a glass bottle, but seldom found anymore. Big Box big bottle Roasted Sesame oil is Chinese and has a lot of sediment, which I find suspect. I trust Japanese products as they have a national food fetish and are much more stringent on purity and quality and have higher food standards than any other Asian country. I like saimin and ramen, but prefer Japanese noodle products for their better quality and less industrial chemical contaminants.

5 stars

This is a very good product. I like enough roasted sesame oil mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the sesame smell and taste to come through in my oil and vinegar salad mix. 2-1/2 parts olive oil to 1 part roasted sesame oil seems about right when mixed half-half with vinegar!

I stovetop pan grill meats with a scant tsp of roasted sesame oil in the pan. I sear a steak on the oil, moving it around the pan’s bottom to spread the oil and putting a tsp of Kikkoman Soy Sauce on the top while searing the bottom. After 30 seconds to a minute, I flip the meat and the shoyu mixes with the oil in searing the other side. After searing, I flip again for 2-3 minutes on each side, coating the meat in blackened goodness and cooking until medium-rare for a 1-3/4″ to 2″ thick steak.

Best emulation of charcoal grilled steak I’ve found. Unlike most, I prefer well marbled meat with fat around the the edge exterior to the animal. Young, pasture fed beef has very white fat and is tender and sooo delicious!!

5 stars

One of the best toasted sesame seed oils I’ve purchased. The taste is nuanced yet balanced and adds the touch I was looking for in various asian dishes. Worth buying.

5 stars

Great flavor great for cooking tooCFV

5 stars

It’s affordable and consistently good, and a staple in our home. If you have never tried sesame oil, this is the one that won’t disappoint.

5 stars

I like that I can use it on any food that I am preparing or reheating. Adds a delicious flavor!

5 stars

Awesome and dependable. Got this years ago….and now…the same product!!! Love that!!

5 stars

Use this oil when I stir fry. It’s not overpowering so you can taste the other ingredients. I do a shrimp and veggie stir fry and even put a little in with the rice. Wouldn’t use anything else.

5 stars

El sabor y olor es mucho mejor de los demás productos que he comprado localmente…muy satisfecho !

5 stars

This ‘secret ingredient’ never fails to make stir-fries a truly loved meal that keeps people lined up and corralled between my door and the elevator.

5 stars

As per title – rapid delivery too

5 stars

execellent oil full for full body favor

5 stars

From the reviews, it is evident that customers are highly satisfied with the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. The oil has a strong and authentic sesame taste, making it a perfect choice for flavoring Asian dishes.
  2. Customers appreciate the packaging of the product, particularly the bottle top that pours without any mess.
  3. Compared to other options, such as Chinese roasted sesame oil, customers express trust in Japanese products due to their rigorous quality standards.
  4. The Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is versatile, allowing customers to use it in various recipes, including salad dressings, stir-fries, and grilling.
  5. Many customers mention the balanced and nuanced taste of the oil, which enhances the flavor of their dishes without overpowering other ingredients.
  6. Customers find the price of the product affordable, considering its consistent quality.
  7. The oil is praised for adding a delicious flavor to a wide range of foods.
  8. A few customers appreciate the rapid delivery service they received.

If you are looking for a high-quality sesame oil to elevate your Asian cooking, the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is highly recommended based on the positive experiences shared by our customers. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and discover the delightful taste it brings to your culinary creations!

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil Fluid Ounce, 11 Fl Oz (B3039)


  • High-quality product from Japan
  • Rich and smooth taste
  • Multipurpose oil – can be used as a seasoning or dressing
  • Comes in a convenient 11 fl oz size


  • Slightly more expensive compared to other sesame oils on the market
  • Label may be difficult to read for those with vision impairments
  • Not suitable for those with sesame allergies


We have fallen in love with Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil Fluid Ounce, 11 Fl Oz (B3039). Its rich and smooth taste adds a delightful dimension to any dish, whether you use it as a seasoning or dressing. Although it may be slightly more expensive, the quality and versatility make it worth the investment. The convenient 11 fl oz size ensures that you’ll always have enough of this amazing sesame oil in your pantry. Just keep in mind that it’s important to check for any allergies to sesame before incorporating this product into your cooking. Overall, we highly recommend Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil Fluid Ounce, 11 Fl Oz (B3039) for anyone seeking culinary perfection!


Q: Can you use Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil as a seasoning?

A: Absolutely! We found that Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is perfect for enhancing the flavor of your dishes as a seasoning. Whether you’re stir-frying vegetables, marinating meats, or adding a finishing touch to your salads, this sesame oil will elevate your culinary creations to a whole new level.

Q: Does Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil have a strong taste?

A: While some sesame oils can have a overpowering taste, Kadoya’s Pure Sesame Oil offers a rich and smooth flavor that is well-balanced. It adds a delightful nutty note to your dishes without being overpowering, allowing the other flavors to shine through. You’ll love the subtle yet distinctive taste it brings to your favorite recipes.

Q: Is this sesame oil made in Japan?

A: Yes, Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is proudly made in Japan. Known for their exceptional culinary traditions, the Japanese have perfected the art of sesame oil production. Rest assured, you’re getting an authentic and high-quality product straight from the source.

Q: Can I use this sesame oil as a dressing?

A: Absolutely! Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is versatile enough to be used as a dressing. Its rich and smooth taste adds a unique twist to your salads, giving them a delightful flavor profile. Drizzle it over your greens, mix it into your homemade dressings, or use it as a dip for sushi – the possibilities are endless!

Q: Is Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil available in larger bottles?

A: The Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil comes in a convenient 11 fl oz bottle. While there may not be larger sizes available for this specific product, rest assured that a little goes a long way. The intense flavor and quality of this oil mean that you can use it sparingly and still enjoy its delightful taste in your culinary adventures.

Q: Is this product discontinued?

A: No, Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is not discontinued. You can continue to enjoy its rich flavor and versatility in your cooking adventures. It’s always reassuring to know that you can rely on a product that has stood the test of time and has become a staple in many kitchens.

Remember, having a reliable and high-quality sesame oil like Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil in your pantry can elevate your cooking and bring a touch of deliciousness to your favorite dishes.

Discover the Power

In conclusion, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have stumbled upon the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil. Its rich and smooth taste has completely transformed our meals, adding a delightful burst of flavor that keeps us coming back for more. Whether you’re using it as a seasoning or dressing, this Japanese gem will undoubtedly elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

Made by JFC International Inc., the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is a top-notch product that surpasses all expectations. Its 11 fluid ounces of pure goodness are a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship involved in its creation. Don’t believe us? Give it a try and prepare to be amazed.

It’s worth mentioning that the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil is not discontinued and can easily be found on Amazon. We highly recommend clicking on this magical link (https://amazon.com/dp/B002HMN6SC?tag=jiey0407-20) to experience the wonders of this sensational oil for yourself.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an adventurous home cook, don’t miss out on the Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil. Trust us, it’s a culinary delight that will leave your taste buds begging for more. So go ahead, click that link and embark on a flavor-packed journey like no other. Happy cooking!

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