Unbiased Review: Pettycare 36″ Collapsible Dog Crate for Large Dogs

When it comes to⁢ providing​ a ⁣cozy and secure space for our furry friends, the Pettycare ⁢36 Inch Collapsible Dog ⁣Crate for Large Dogs is a game-changer. From its sturdy frame tube design to its chew-proof ⁢mesh windows, this foldable soft dog kennel⁤ is the ultimate ‌solution‌ for indoor and‌ outdoor travel with your beloved ⁢pet. ‍With its ‌multiple doors for easy access and breathability, as well as convenient side pockets for storing essentials, this soft side dog crate truly has it all. Join us as ⁢we dive ‍into our first-hand experience with the Pettycare 36 Inch Collapsible Dog Crate and discover the unparalleled ‌comfort and convenience it offers for our four-legged companions.

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Innovative, practical, and ⁢stylish, this collapsible dog crate is a⁣ must-have for pet owners on the go. The strong⁤ frame tube design ensures durability and stability, while the 600D Oxford cloth ‍material provides a comfortable and secure environment for‌ your furry friend. With three mesh doors for easy access and ventilation, as well ⁤as multiple pockets for‍ storing essentials, this soft dog crate offers unparalleled convenience for both indoor and outdoor use.

Portability is key with this collapsible dog crate,​ featuring a convenient handle and hand-carrying straps for ⁢easy transport.‍ The adjustable padded shoulder strap on the carrying bag ⁤allows for hands-free ⁣carrying options, making‍ it perfect for​ travel or trips to the vet. Available in ​multiple sizes⁤ and colors to accommodate different breeds, this ​soft dog crate is a ‌versatile and practical choice for any pet parent looking for ⁤a comfortable and‌ secure dwelling for their beloved companion. Don’t miss out​ on this amazing ‍product ⁤- check it out ⁢on‌ Amazon ‍now! Check it ⁣out here.

Features and Benefits

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Our Pettycare 36‌ Inch Collapsible Dog Crate for Large Dogs offers a strong frame tube design that is both sturdy and lightweight, ensuring your pet’s safety ‍and comfort. ​The ⁢600D Oxford cloth ‍material⁤ and thicken frame structure prevent pets from scratching and increase stability. This ​indoor and outdoor​ dog kennel ⁤comes with attractive conveniences⁤ such as carrying handle, side pockets for storage, and an elastic strap for a water ⁢bottle. The three mesh doors provide sunlight and breathability, while the removable and⁣ washable cover and bed make cleaning a breeze.

For easy​ transport, our​ portable dog crate features a handle, ⁣hand carrying straps on the⁣ crate, and an adjustable ​padded shoulder strap ‍on the carrying bag. Available‌ in various⁣ sizes, ​our soft dog crate ​is collapsible and requires no tools for setup. With multiple color options to choose from, our dog crate‍ provides a safe and comfortable dwelling ‌for your furry companion. Upgrade your⁣ pet’s travel experience⁤ with our ‌convenient and stylish​ collapsible dog crate. Check it out on Amazon today!

Our Experience with​ the Pettycare 36 Inch‌ Collapsible Dog Crate

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has been nothing short of amazing. The strong frame tube design and 600D Oxford cloth ‍material make it sturdy and durable, perfect for our large‍ dog. The multiple mesh ​doors provide excellent‍ ventilation ⁤and⁣ sunlight, while the side pockets allow us to store essentials ‍like ‍treats and waste bags ⁢conveniently. The⁢ adjustable padded shoulder strap and carrying handle ‌make it super⁢ portable, whether we’re traveling or just moving it around the house!

We love how easy it is to set ‌up and fold down this soft dog⁣ crate in seconds, with no tools needed. The removable and washable cover and bed are⁤ a lifesaver when it comes to ​cleaning. With multiple size options available, we were able to⁢ choose the perfect fit⁤ for our pet. We highly recommend this Pettycare dog​ crate for‌ anyone looking ⁤for a ⁣safe and comfortable dwelling for their ⁢furry friend. Get yours today and give your pet the‍ cozy space they ‌deserve!


<img class=”rimage_class” src=”https://www.wvreview.com/zq6/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2024/02/61h1IpKnDxL._AC_.jpg” ‌alt=”Unbiased ‍Review:​ Pettycare 36″ Collapsible Dog Crate for Large Dogs”>
We were impressed with the strong ​frame tube design of this collapsible dog crate, as it⁢ provides a sturdy and stable environment for our furry friend without being too ⁤heavy to transport. The​ 600D Oxford cloth and thicken frame structure prevented our pet from ‌scratching ⁣the crate, ensuring its longevity and our pet’s safety. The inclusion of‌ three mesh doors and two accessory pockets added convenience,‌ allowing for easy​ access and⁢ storage of essentials like treats,⁤ leashes, and waste bags. Plus, ⁤the removable and washable cover and bed made cleaning a breeze.

One of the standout features of this portable soft‌ dog crate is its versatility in size​ options,​ catering to small, medium, large,‍ and extra-large dogs. We appreciated that no tools were needed‌ to⁤ fold⁢ the crate‌ down in seconds, making it easy to store or transport when not in use. With a variety of color options available, this crate not only provides a‌ safe⁣ and comfortable dwelling for our pet ⁢but also complements our home decor. If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient indoor and outdoor travel dog crate⁢ for your furry companion, we highly recommend checking out this product on Amazon.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After⁤ analyzing various ‍customer reviews for the Pettycare 36 Inch Collapsible Dog Crate for Large Dogs, we have ⁤gathered ⁢valuable insights and opinions from ⁢pet owners who have purchased⁢ and used ​this product.

Positive Feedback:

One⁢ customer ⁤shared that they have‍ two of these crates, one for‌ their RV⁢ and one‍ for their house,‌ and find it very ‌convenient due to its roomy design and multiple zip-open sides. ​They mentioned ‌that it’s​ lightweight, durable, and easy to ‍fold up for travel.

Another customer praised the impeccable construction and ‌attention to detail of the soft crate, highlighting its durability, stability, and ease of use. They appreciated the​ ample⁤ space for ⁣their pet to​ move around comfortably and the mesh windows for ventilation and visibility.

One⁢ reviewer mentioned ordering three crates for their dogs and admired the impressive mechanics of the product, including the foldable plastic frame and roll-up mesh‍ sides. They appreciated the thoughtful design but noted the absence of a seat belt loop for added security.

Negative Feedback:

One customer expressed their concern about the crate being too ​open and causing potential‍ stress or ​anxiety for their pet due ⁤to too ​much⁣ visibility. They ⁣mentioned that the crate was well-built and easy to operate but ⁤decided to return it for a ⁣different model with less visibility.

Overall Impressions:

Most customers were impressed with the quality, durability, and convenience of the Pettycare 36 Inch Collapsible Dog Crate. The lightweight design, ample space,⁤ and ventilation features were highly appreciated for both indoor and outdoor use. The only recurring issue mentioned was the level of visibility and openness, which may vary depending on the pet’s comfort level.

Pros Cons
Durable⁢ construction High visibility
Lightweight and ‍foldable Missing seat belt loop
Easy to assemble and transport May cause anxiety in some⁢ pets

Pros & Cons

Unbiased Review: Pettycare 36″ Collapsible Dog Crate for Large Dogs插图

Pros & Cons


Strong frame tube design
Attractive advantages such as side⁢ pockets and water bottle strap
Portable design with multiple carrying options
Collapsible feature⁤ for easy storage
Available in multiple⁢ sizes‍ for⁣ different breeds


May not be suitable for aggressive chewers
Some users reported issues with ‌zipper quality
Mesh windows may not be ⁣as durable ‍as expected

Overall, the Pettycare 36 Inch Collapsible Dog Crate for Large‌ Dogs ‌offers a strong and portable design with convenient‍ features for pet owners. However, it‍ may not be the best option for dogs who are aggressive chewers or for those who require a more durable ​mesh material.


<img class=”rimage_class” src=”https://www.wvreview.com/zq6/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2024/02/51tt0zYJ-2BVL._AC_.jpg” alt=”Unbiased Review: Pettycare 36″ Collapsible Dog Crate for Large Dogs”>
Q: How sturdy is the Pettycare⁢ 36″ Collapsible Dog Crate for Large Dogs?
A: The Pettycare 36″ Collapsible Dog Crate for Large Dogs has a strong ⁤frame tube design made of lightweight steel that provides stability and prevents pets ⁤from ⁣scratching.

Q: Is the Pettycare 36″ Collapsible Dog Crate easy to transport?
A: Yes, the crate is portable with a handle and hand carrying straps on the crate, as well as ⁤adjustable padded shoulder straps on the carrying bag for various carrying​ options.

Q: Are there⁤ any additional features that⁢ come with the Pettycare 36″ Collapsible Dog Crate?
A: Yes, ​the⁣ crate has side pockets to store treats, leashes, waste bags,⁢ and⁢ other essentials. ⁤It also includes‌ an elastic strap for a water bottle for dogs and three mesh doors for sunlight and breathability.

Q: Is the cover and bed⁣ of the Pettycare 36″ Collapsible ‌Dog Crate removable and washable?
A:​ Yes, both the cover​ and bed are removable and‍ washable for​ easy cleaning ‌and‌ maintenance.

Q: What⁤ sizes are available​ for the Pettycare 36″ Collapsible Dog Crate?
A: The crate comes in multiple sizes,⁤ including XS, S, M, L, and⁢ XL. The ⁢L⁣ size measures​ 36″ x 25″ x ‍25″ and is ​suitable for large‍ dogs, ⁣but it is important to measure the height and weight of your ‍pet before ordering.

Ignite Your Passion

As we conclude our unbiased review of the Pettycare 36″‍ Collapsible Dog Crate for Large Dogs, we can confidently ‌say that this product​ offers⁤ durability, convenience, and comfort ‍for your furry friend. With its strong frame design, attractive​ features, and portability, this crate is a great option ⁣for both indoor and ⁤outdoor use.

If you’re looking for a soft dog ⁤crate that is easy to set​ up, transport, and clean, then the Pettycare ​36″ Collapsible Dog Crate might be the perfect fit ‍for you and your pup. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

To⁣ purchase the Pettycare 36″ ‍Collapsible Dog Crate for Large Dogs and give your pet a cozy and secure​ space, ⁢click here.

Remember, your pet deserves the best. Happy shopping!

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