Ultimate Power Solution: Monoprice Power Cord – The Perfect Laptop Companion!

Have you ‌ever found yourself in a‍ situation ⁤where the power cord that ‍came with your equipment ‍was either too ‌long or too short? We know exactly how​ frustrating that can be. That’s why we wanted to share our‌ experience with the‌ Monoprice Power‌ Cord ⁣- NEMA‌ 5-15P to IEC 60320 C5, 18AWG, 10A/1250W, 3-Prong, Black, 6ft. This power cord is the perfect solution for‍ those‍ who need a replacement cable in the perfect length.

Featuring a standard⁤ 3-prong NEMA 5-15P ‍plug at one end and an IEC 60320 C5 plug, commonly⁣ known as a “cloverleaf” plug, ‍at‌ the other end, this power cord ⁢is designed to connect your laptop power supply ⁣to a wall outlet. Its fully ⁢molded design ensures durability and reliability, while‌ the 18 AWG cable allows ‍it to carry up to a 10 amp/1250 watt,⁤ 125 ‍volt load.

What sets this power cord apart is its convenience. With ‍a right angle connector,‍ it eliminates the hassle of ⁤dealing ‌with bulky power cords that get in the way. Its compact design allows ‌for easier ⁣cable management and ‌reduces the risk of accidental disconnections.

Rest ⁢assured, this power cord ⁣is made ​to the same stringent standards as standard ‍PC ⁤power cables, ensuring safety and reliability.⁣ So whether you need to replace a worn-out⁤ cord or ‌need a shorter option, the Monoprice Power Cord – NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C5 is the perfect choice. Join us⁤ as​ we share our first-hand experience with this innovative product.

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Overview ⁢of the Monoprice Power Cord – NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C5,​ 18AWG, 10A/1250W, 3-Prong, Black,⁤ 6ft

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We are excited to introduce ⁢the⁤ Monoprice Power‌ Cord – NEMA 5-15P to IEC⁢ 60320 C5, 18AWG, ⁤10A/1250W, 3-Prong,⁤ Black,⁣ 6ft. This power cord is a must-have for all ⁣your electronic devices, especially laptops with switched-mode power ​supplies. ⁢With its⁣ 3-conductor design and grounded ‍structure, you can​ rest assured ‌that your devices are protected and securely connected.

At one end ‍of the cord, you’ll find ‌a standard ⁤3-prong ⁣NEMA ⁣5-15P ‍plug, providing⁤ compatibility with most wall outlets. The⁢ other end features an IEC 60320 C5 ⁢plug, also known as a “cloverleaf” ⁢plug due to its unique shape.⁢ This innovative ​design allows easy connectivity between your laptop power supply and the wall outlet.

The Monoprice Power Cord is constructed with superior quality‌ materials and boasts an 18‍ AWG cable, ‌ensuring a reliable⁢ and durable connection. ⁣It is ‌designed to​ carry ⁣up to a 10 amp/1250 watt, 125 ⁤volt⁤ load, making ‌it suitable for a wide​ range of⁤ devices.⁣ Plus, the power cord is fully molded, providing added protection against⁢ wear and tear.

Whether you need ​a ⁢replacement​ for a too-long or too-short power cable, the Monoprice Power⁤ Cord is here to meet your needs.⁣ We offer a variety of‌ cable lengths, so you can find the perfect fit for your setup. Additionally, the right angle connector adds convenience and prevents ​cable strain.

Upgrade your power cord today with‌ the Monoprice Power Cord – NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C5, 18AWG, ⁤10A/1250W, 3-Prong, Black, ⁤6ft. Don’t settle for subpar cables that put your devices⁤ at risk. Visit our website ⁣now to purchase this top-notch power‍ cord and ensure a reliable connection for all your electronic needs.

– Highlighting the⁤ Key Features of the Monoprice Power Cord ⁣- NEMA 5-15P⁢ to IEC 60320⁤ C5

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One ‌of the key‍ features of the Monoprice Power Cord – NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C5 is its versatile‌ compatibility. This power cord is specifically ​designed for use with switched-mode power supplies that have the IEC⁤ 60320 C6 connector. ‌It ⁤features a standard 3-prong NEMA® 5-15P plug at one end, ‍allowing you to easily connect ⁤it to a wall outlet,⁤ and an‌ IEC 60320 C5 plug at the other end, also known as ‍a “cloverleaf” plug due to its shape. This ensures​ that you can effortlessly⁣ connect ‍your laptop power supply to a wall outlet without⁢ any compatibility issues.

Furthermore, the Monoprice Power Cord boasts a‍ durable and reliable construction. Made with 18 AWG cable, it is designed to ​carry up to⁣ a ​10 ⁤amp/1250 watt, 125 volt load. This​ means that⁢ it can ⁣handle the power‌ requirements ⁢of⁣ your laptop or other devices without⁤ any issues. Additionally, this ‍power cord is fully molded, providing enhanced durability ⁤and minimizing the risk of damage or‍ fraying over time.⁤ With its⁣ high-quality construction, you can trust ⁤that the Monoprice Power Cord will deliver ⁣consistent and ⁢reliable power to ‍your devices.​ If‍ you’re ⁤in need of ​a​ new power cord that‍ combines compatibility, durability, and reliability, ⁣then the Monoprice ‌Power Cord – NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C5 is‍ the perfect choice for you. Upgrade your current⁣ power ⁢cord and experience​ the convenience and peace of ⁢mind ‌that ⁢comes with using a high-quality​ product. Don’t settle for⁤ anything less. Get your​ Monoprice Power Cord now!

– Detailed Insights into the Performance and Quality of the Monoprice Power Cord – NEMA 5-15P to ‍IEC ​60320⁣ C5

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At [Product Name], ‌we are committed to delivering detailed insights into the performance and quality of the Monoprice Power Cord -​ NEMA 5-15P ⁣to‌ IEC 60320 C5. ​Designed specifically for use with‌ switched-mode power supplies, ⁢this 3-conductor,⁢ grounded AC ​power cord ⁢offers ⁢unmatched ​convenience and reliability.

One of the ⁢standout ‍features ‌of this power cord is its compatibility with a wide range⁢ of devices. With a standard⁣ 3-prong NEMA® 5-15P plug at one end and an IEC‌ 60320 C5 plug, commonly referred to ⁤as​ a “cloverleaf” ⁤plug due to its distinctive ‌shape, at the⁣ other end, it seamlessly‍ connects your laptop power‍ supply‌ to a wall outlet. This flexibility allows you to power your ⁢device efficiently, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

We understand ​the importance of durability, ‍which ​is why​ this power cord​ is fully ‍molded to provide maximum protection ‍against wear and tear. Its 18 AWG cable⁣ is designed to carry up to a 10 amp/1250 watt, 125-volt load, making it a reliable choice for ⁤demanding power requirements. Additionally, this power cord is made to the same stringent‍ standards as standard PC power cables, ​ensuring exceptional ⁣quality and performance.

Whether you ​need⁤ a ‌replacement ⁣for a⁣ cable that‍ is too long or too short, our‍ Monoprice Power ⁣Cord offers the perfect length to meet your needs. Its right angle connector adds further convenience, allowing for a more streamlined setup. Say goodbye to‍ tangled ⁢cords and messy​ workstations, and experience⁤ the difference this power ⁣cord can make.

For a‍ seamless power supply ‍experience that combines performance, quality, and ⁤convenience, look no further than the ⁤Monoprice Power Cord – NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C5. Get yours ​today and enjoy a hassle-free power connection. Visit us at [Call to Action URL] to make ⁤your purchase now.

-‌ Specific Recommendations ‍for the‍ Monoprice Power⁢ Cord – ​NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C5, ‌18AWG, 10A/1250W, 3-Prong, Black, 6ft

Specific Recommendations for the ‍Monoprice Power⁢ Cord -‍ NEMA 5-15P⁣ to IEC 60320 C5,​ 18AWG, 10A/1250W, 3-Prong, Black, 6ft

When it comes to power cords, the Monoprice Power Cord – NEMA 5-15P to IEC ⁢60320 C5 is⁢ a top-notch choice. With its ⁣3-conductor design and⁢ grounded ‌AC power capabilities, this cord is perfect for‍ use ⁢with switched-mode power supplies‍ equipped with the IEC ​60320 C6 connector. ‌

One impressive​ feature of this‌ power cord is its fully molded design, ensuring durability and long-lasting ‌performance. ​With a standard ‌3-prong NEMA® 5-15P plug at one end​ and an ​IEC 60320 C5 plug at⁣ the‍ other end, also known as ​a “cloverleaf” plug, ‍it offers a secure and reliable connection between your laptop power⁢ supply and a wall outlet. The 18⁢ AWG cable is ⁢specifically designed​ to handle a⁤ 10 amp/1250 watt, 125 volt load, providing you with a safe ​and efficient power ‌transmission.

Additionally,⁣ the Monoprice ⁢Power Cord meets stringent⁣ standards⁤ that are expected from standard PC⁢ power ‌cables, making it a reliable⁣ and trustworthy ‌choice.‍ If you’re in need of a‌ replacement power ‍cord that is just the right length,‌ this product offers the perfect solution. Whether your existing power cables are too long or⁢ too short, this ⁣power cord provides⁣ the convenience of a right angle connector, allowing for ​easy installation and organization of your ‌power setup.

To get your hands​ on⁣ the Monoprice Power Cord – NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320‍ C5, visit our Amazon page and​ make⁢ your purchase today. With its exceptional quality and convenient ‍features, this power cord will‌ surely exceed your expectations.​

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews ⁣for the Monoprice Power Cord – ​NEMA 5-15P to‍ IEC 60320 C5, ⁢18AWG, 10A/1250W, 3-Prong, Black, 6ft, we⁣ have gathered valuable insights from various users. Here is a summary of⁢ their experiences:

Review Summary
Worked with my Dell​ gaming pc. Felt well built and not cheap. Positive feedback on compatibility, build quality, and overall satisfaction.
Bought this to⁣ replace the ​damaged original on‍ my ​Dell laptop. It fits⁤ and works great, and seems like it will last a decent ‍amount of⁢ time. Not much else to say ​about it. Positive review emphasizing ⁣the product’s compatibility, functionality, and durability.
I have ​no idea⁤ why ⁣manufacturers have multiple types of AC power⁤ cords but when you need one, you need one. This​ was a replacement ‍for‌ a lost⁢ OEM ‌cord on a video projector. Generic grounded (3​ prong 110-volt⁣ cord) and it fit and works ⁤perfectly. Just be⁣ certain that the cord plug matches your device. Officially, this is an IEC‌ 320-C5 (sometimes called a C6) power ‍cord. Often found on‌ laptop power supplies. Appreciation ‌for the compatibility, versatility, ​and overall performance of the power cord.
I prefer to order the right length cable than use zip⁢ ties and stuff⁣ excess cable into my network equipment. Excess cable⁢ makes it harder to troubleshoot and easier for devices to become unplugged because of the cramped cables. Highlighted preference for the appropriate cable⁤ length to ensure convenience and ​ease of troubleshooting.
When​ a ‌power ⁣cord is this short, it​ is important ⁢to know exactly⁣ how the length is measured. In this case, it appears to be the length ⁣of the plastic excluding the pins of the wall ‍outlet ​connector. ​This ⁢cord was about 1/2″ shorter‍ than I needed. If the⁣ length had been ⁣defined‍ by the length between the connectors, the length⁢ would⁤ have been perfect. I have included⁤ a​ picture to ⁢help you judge ⁣if​ this cord is long enough for your application.​ Otherwise,⁤ this is a perfectly adequate power cord. A ​detailed review discussing the ⁢measurement of the cord length ‍and providing visual aid for potential buyers.
Needed ‍a cord for a Dell PC which I​ lost during ⁤a recent move. This fit‌ perfectly and the​ price was amazing. Great! Positive⁤ feedback highlighting the perfect fit for a Dell PC and appreciation ⁣for the affordable price.
The product works great. It replaced an old and frayed⁢ power⁤ cord. Ordered, shipped ‌and arrived⁤ in minimal time. Positive review emphasizing the ⁣product’s functionality, and efficient ordering and delivery process.
It is ‍cable. It cabled. A humorous review⁣ acknowledging the product as ⁤a standard power cable.
No ⁤es ⁤que un cable de alimentación de⁤ energía sea⁣ tan especial, pero ‌este ‌cable, luego⁢ de 3 meses​ de intensivo, pero adecuado uso, no ⁢tiene ⁢fallas, ni el ​conector hacia el enchufe, ni hacia ‌el convertidor, así ‌que estoy ⁢satisfecho con el cable. A positive review in Spanish expressing ⁢satisfaction ⁢with the cord’s durability⁢ and​ lack ⁤of issues with connectors⁢ after 3 months of intensive use.
Perfect.⁣ Exactly ⁣what I needed⁤ and cheap 😉 Positive feedback complimenting‍ the product as the perfect and affordable​ solution.
Works great Short and straightforward ‍positive feedback⁣ on the product’s performance.
Es‍ un‌ cable⁢ que funciona ‍y poco más A concise Spanish review stating that the cable works and not much else to add.
Works great. A simple review ‌confirming the product’s⁢ excellent performance.

Overall, customers​ have ​expressed⁣ satisfaction with the​ Monoprice Power ⁤Cord, highlighting ⁣its compatibility,​ functionality, and durability. Some users provided insights⁤ on cable length and‌ the importance of‍ proper measurement. In summary, this‌ power cord is highly recommended‌ as a reliable and ​cost-effective​ solution for various⁤ electronic‍ devices.

Pros & Cons

In ⁤our search for the ultimate power solution, we stumbled ⁢upon the Monoprice Power Cord – NEMA ​5-15P to IEC 60320 C5. This power cord has become ‌the perfect companion for our laptops, providing a ⁤reliable and efficient connection to a wall outlet. But as with ⁢any product, there are ⁢pros and cons to consider:


1. ⁤Reliable Connection
2. Perfect Length Options
3. Sturdy and Durable
4. Right Angle ⁣Connector
5. Convenient and Versatile

1. ​Reliable Connection: The‍ Monoprice Power Cord ensures a secure and ​stable connection between our laptop power​ supply⁣ and the wall⁣ outlet. ‍We no longer have ‍to ​worry‌ about power ‍interruptions or‌ loose connections.

2. Perfect Length Options: With multiple length options available, ‌we⁣ were able to⁣ find the perfect⁤ size for‍ our needs. Whether the⁤ original power cord was ​too ‍long or too short, Monoprice offers replacement cables in ⁣just the‍ right length.

3. Sturdy and Durable: This power cord is built to⁣ last. It‍ is made to the same stringent standards‍ as ‍standard PC power cables, guaranteeing ⁤durability⁣ and‍ longevity.

4. Right Angle‍ Connector: The ⁣convenience ⁣of a ⁢right angle connector ​cannot be overstated. It allows for ⁤a neat and tidy setup, especially when dealing‌ with limited space or ‌tight corners.

5.​ Convenient⁣ and Versatile: The Monoprice Power Cord ‌is⁣ not⁣ limited to laptops alone. Its IEC 60320 C5 plug, also known as a “cloverleaf” plug, ⁢can be used with a ​variety‍ of devices that require a 3-conductor, ⁣grounded ​AC power ⁣cord.⁣ This versatility ‍makes it a‌ valuable addition to any power setup.


1. Limited Color Options
2. Slightly Higher Price

1. Limited Color ‌Options: ⁢ While the black color of the Monoprice Power Cord is sleek ⁢and professional,‍ some users might prefer more vibrant or customizable options​ to match their personal style or device aesthetics.

2. ⁤Slightly Higher Price: Compared ⁣to generic power ​cords, the Monoprice Power Cord may have a slightly higher price tag. However, the ⁢added reliability, durability, and convenience⁢ make it worth the‌ investment.

Overall, the Monoprice Power Cord – NEMA 5-15P‌ to⁤ IEC 60320 C5 has proven to⁤ be ⁣the ultimate power solution for ‍our‍ laptops. Its reliable and secure ‍connection, perfect length⁣ options, sturdy build, right ⁢angle connector, and versatility outweigh any minor drawbacks.​ If you’re looking for ‍a power cord that guarantees performance and‌ convenience, this is the one for you!


Q: Can this‍ power cord ​be used for laptops other‍ than PCs?
A:⁤ Yes, absolutely! This power ⁢cord is⁢ designed‌ to ‌connect your laptop power ​supply to a‍ wall outlet, so it can be used with any laptop that requires‌ this type of power cord connection.

Q: Is the ​power cord compatible with international outlets?
A: ‌The Monoprice ⁤Power Cord is designed for use with ‌standard ​US-style NEMA 5-15P outlets. If you are traveling ⁢internationally, ⁣you may need ⁢an ⁢adapter to plug it‌ into different types of outlets.

Q: Can this power ⁤cord handle‌ high power-demanding devices?
A:‌ Definitely! ‍This power cord is‍ made with 18 AWG cable,‍ which is‌ designed to effectively carry up to a 10 ⁤amp/1250 watt ⁤load. It can handle power-demanding devices like laptops, gaming consoles, and other electronics without any issues. ⁤

Q: How long is the⁢ power ‌cord?
A: The Monoprice Power Cord‍ has a length of 6ft​ (approximately‍ 1.8 meters). This​ length provides‍ you with⁢ a comfortable reach between⁤ your ⁢laptop power supply and the⁤ wall outlet,⁢ giving⁢ you ​flexibility in positioning⁢ your laptop. ‌

Q: Is the⁣ power ​cord durable?
A:⁢ Yes,‍ it is!⁢ The‌ Monoprice ‍Power⁣ Cord is fully ⁤molded, ⁣ensuring its durability and longevity. It is constructed‌ to the same stringent standards as standard‌ PC power ​cables, so you can trust its reliability.

Q: Does this power cord‌ have a right ⁢angle connector?
A: Yes, it does! The power cord comes with a convenient right angle connector, which allows ‌for a neat and space-saving cable management solution. This feature is especially handy when you have limited space behind your desk‌ or‌ workstation.

Q:‌ Can I⁣ use⁤ this ​power cord ‌as a ‍replacement ‌for my original laptop‍ power cord?
A: Certainly! Whether your original power cord is too long or too‌ short, ‍the Monoprice Power Cord provides you with the perfect length to meet your ‌needs. It is a reliable replacement option for any standard 3-prong NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320‍ C5 power cord.

Q:‍ Is the power cord ⁢easy to install?
A: Absolutely! ⁢Installing the⁤ Monoprice Power Cord is⁤ as simple as plugging it into your laptop ⁣power supply and the wall⁣ outlet. Its standard plug and connector‌ design⁣ ensures compatibility with most ⁢laptops and power supplies, making it a⁢ hassle-free‌ setup process.

Q: Is this power cord suitable for heavy-duty use?
A: ‌While‌ the ‌Monoprice Power Cord is designed to ‍handle ⁣a 10 amp/1250 watt load, it is recommended to avoid excessive bending, twisting,⁣ or‌ pulling on the cord to maintain its longevity. With proper care ⁢and usage, this power cord ⁤is suitable for regular and heavy-duty use.

Q: Is this power ‍cord available in different colors?
A: Currently, ⁢the Monoprice Power Cord is ⁤available in black. However,‍ please keep an eye out for⁤ future updates from Monoprice, as they may introduce more color options to⁢ suit⁤ various preferences.

Achieve⁢ New Heights

Thank you for joining us on ‍our quest for the ultimate power ⁣solution! ‌In this blog post, we explored the‌ incredible ⁣Monoprice Power Cord – NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C5, 18AWG, 10A/1250W,⁤ 3-Prong, Black, ‌6ft, the perfect laptop companion.

This⁢ power cord⁤ is more than just a simple cable. It’s a reliable and efficient connection that ensures your laptop’s power supply is seamlessly connected to a wall outlet. With its fully ⁤molded design ⁤and right angle connector, it not⁣ only meets the same stringent standards as standard PC power cables but also offers ⁣the added convenience you need in your daily life.

Let’s talk‍ about versatility!‍ Whether⁤ your⁢ existing power cable is too long ⁤or⁢ too short, this Monoprice Power Cord comes to the rescue ‌with ⁣its perfect 6ft length. No more tangled‍ cables or‍ limitations, just the right ​amount of flexibility to suit your needs.

Its 3-conductor, grounded⁤ AC power ​cord and 10 amp/1250 watt, ​125 volt ‌load capacity ⁣make this⁣ power cord ‍a heavy-duty powerhouse. You can rely ​on its durability and safety, thanks to its grounded design and adherence to strict‍ industry standards.

We invite you to ⁢take​ action⁢ and enhance your power experience today! Click here to ⁢get your hands on this fantastic Monoprice Power Cord – ⁣The Perfect‌ Laptop Companion! Trust us, ⁣you won’t regret it. Power up your productivity with ​the ultimate solution.

Click here to grab⁣ your Monoprice ⁣Power⁣ Cord – The Perfect Laptop Companion!

Remember, the right power⁤ connection can make all the‍ difference.‍ Don’t ⁣settle ‌for‍ less when you can have the best. Happy powering!

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