The Best Soft Facial Tissues – Gentle and Convenient for Every Need!

Welcome to our product review blog post, where we will be sharing our first-hand experience with⁢ the 10 Packs Soft Small Facial Tissue. Made⁣ from high-quality native ​wood pulp fiber, this​ disposable facial napkin is a must-have for every household. With a total of 2800 sheets, this 10 pack of 4-ply white facial paper tissue provides ample supply for all your needs. ⁢

The packaging ⁤of these facial tissues is well-designed and convenient, being individually wrapped⁤ in⁣ a ⁣bag for easy ​one-at-a-time dispensing. The compact size ⁣of each tissue, measuring at 6.7 x 4.65 inches, makes them perfect for carrying⁤ in your ⁢handbag, car, or even placing in various holders throughout your home.

These​ premium facial tissues are ⁣not ‍only soft and comfortable to touch, ​but they are​ also 100% degradable and environmentally friendly. Made from wood pulp fiber,⁤ they offer a ⁢more ⁢sustainable alternative to cotton non-woven fabric.

Whether you need⁣ a facial towel, napkin, or ‍a tool for cleaning up spills, these disposable facial tissues ‌are versatile and suitable for use by the whole family. They are especially ideal for children, as they can be used to wipe their ‌hands ⁢or mouth, ensuring cleanliness and ‌promoting good hygiene habits.

So if softness is important to ‍you, the 10 Packs Soft Small Facial⁢ Tissue is undoubtedly the best choice. With ⁢its⁢ high-quality material,⁢ convenient packaging,​ and disposable nature, this product is a must-have for any household. So go ahead and try it out for yourself ⁢- you won’t be disappointed.

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Overview of the 10 Packs ​Soft Small⁤ Facial Tissue

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The 10 Packs⁣ Soft Small Facial Tissue is a must-have for ⁢every household. Made from native⁢ wood pulp fiber material, ​it offers⁢ a superior alternative to cotton non-woven fabric. With a well-designed and easy-to-open bag packaging, ⁢you can conveniently dispense one tissue at a time, making it hassle-free and ⁤efficient.

Each package contains 10 packs of⁢ facial tissues, each with 280 sheets, providing a total of 2800 sheets in⁣ the set. These disposable ‍facial napkins are not only perfect for personal use but also‌ for‌ the ⁤entire family, friends, children, and the elderly. They can be used to wipe hands or mouths, remove ‌stains,‍ and keep everyone clean and healthy.

The‌ premium quality of these facial ⁣tissues is evident in⁤ their softness and comfort. Measuring​ 6.7 x 4.65⁢ inches, they are perfectly ⁣sized for various uses. ​Whether⁣ it’s for wiping your face, hands, or for use‍ in the car or office, these tissues are versatile and practical. They are also 100% degradable, making them more environmentally friendly.

If softness‌ is important to you, the 10 Packs Soft Small Facial Tissue⁤ is the best choice. Its small size allows for easy storage in your​ room, bathroom, car, or even your handbag. So why wait? Grab a pack of these high-quality⁣ facial tissues and experience the difference. Say goodbye to rough, uncomfortable tissues and say hello to softness and comfort. Click here to grab your pack now!

Highlighting the Material and Design Features

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First and foremost, let’s talk about the‌ material ⁣of these small soft facial napkins. Unlike other facial tissues made of ‌cotton non-woven fabric, these tissues⁤ are crafted from native ⁢wood pulp fiber.‍ This makes ⁢them not only softer​ and more comfortable to use, ‌but ⁢also 100% degradable and environmentally friendly. So, if you value​ sustainability and care about the planet,⁢ these tissues are an excellent choice for you.

Moving on to the design, we must commend the well-thought-out packaging. Each pack comes in a convenient‌ bag that is easy to open and ensures one-at-a-time dispensing. This​ ensures that‌ you won’t end up grabbing more tissues than you need, which in⁣ turn saves you money in the long run. Additionally, the compact size of each pack makes it easy to carry them around wherever you go. Whether it’s your room, toilet, car, office, or even your handbag, these tissues will ⁢always be within reach for your ‌convenience.

With 280 sheets per⁤ pack⁤ and a total ⁢of 10 packs, you’ll have a ‌whopping 2800 sheets of ⁤these high-quality facial tissues. Each tissue‌ measures 6.7⁤ x 4.65 inches, offering ample surface area⁢ for various ​uses. From‍ wiping hands⁤ and mouths to removing stains, these versatile tissues will surely⁢ keep you and your loved ⁢ones ‍clean ⁣and healthy.

If softness is important to you,⁢ look no further than these ‌facial tissues. Their comfort touch will make every use a pleasurable experience. Feel the⁤ difference as you pamper your skin with their gentle touch.

Ready to upgrade your facial tissue game? Check out these ⁤premium facial⁤ tissues on Amazon and make them your best choice⁣ for‍ yourself, your family,‌ friends, children,‍ and even the elderly. ‍Click here​ to get yours now‌ and experience the unbeatable softness and quality of these facial tissues.

Insights on the Performance⁣ and Durability

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When it comes to ‍performance‍ and durability, these 10 Packs Soft Small Facial Tissues ​truly shine. Made of⁣ high-quality native wood pulp ⁢fiber, these tissues are designed to be soft,⁣ gentle, and absorbent. With 4-ply construction, they offer superior strength and durability, ensuring that they won’t tear​ or fall apart even with​ heavy use.

The packaging​ of ⁢these facial tissues is also ‌worth mentioning. The ‌well-designed⁣ and ‌nice facial⁤ tissue bag makes ‍it easy ‍to open and dispense them ⁤one at a time, preventing any unnecessary waste. Each pack contains 280 sheets, for a total of ⁢2800 sheets, ensuring that you’ll have more than⁢ enough to last you for a long⁤ time.

Not only are these tissues practical, but they are also environmentally friendly. Made ‌of 100% degradable wood pulp fiber, they are a more sustainable option compared to cotton‍ non-woven fabric. So, ​you can feel good about⁣ using​ them while also taking care of ⁣the planet.

Whether you need facial ⁢tissues for your room, car, office, ‌or even your⁤ handbag, these soft and disposable tissues are the perfect choice. They are versatile ‍and suitable for the whole family, including children and the elderly. So, why wait? Try these premium ⁣facial tissues today ⁣and experience‌ the difference for yourself.

If you want to get your ⁢hands on these ⁤10 Packs Soft Small Facial Tissues,‍ click here to grab them from Amazon and enjoy the convenience and quality they offer.

Specific Recommendations for Practical Use

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When it comes to practical use, these 10 Packs Soft Small Facial ⁢Tissue⁢ are definitely a ‍winner. Here are some specific recommendations on how‌ you can make the most out of this⁢ product:

  1. Perfect for the Whole Family: Whether you have a big family or ⁢it’s just you ‍and your partner, ‌these⁤ facial tissues are ⁢suitable for everyone. With 280 sheets per pack and a total of 10 packs, you’ll have more than enough to go around.​ Keep a ‌pack ⁣in the living room, kitchen,⁢ and even in your handbag for easy access whenever you need it.

  2. Ideal for On-the-Go: The compact size of each tissue (6.7 x 4.65 inch) and package (4.65 x 3.35 x 1.8 inch) makes it incredibly convenient to carry around. Slip a pack into your car’s tissue box ​holder or ​attach the tissues to the back of ⁤your⁢ car seat with the tissue bag⁣ holder. ‍This ​way,⁤ you’ll always have ‌a handy solution for unexpected spills, sneezes,⁢ or messy fingers.

  3. A Gentle Touch: The softness of these facial⁣ tissues ‌is truly exceptional. Made from high-quality native wood pulp ⁢fiber, they provide a comfort touch that is perfect for sensitive skin. If softness is important to you, these tissues will be your⁣ best ​choice. Say goodbye to rough, scratchy ‌tissues that irritate your skin.

  4. Environmentally Friendly: We love that these‍ facial tissues are 100% degradable and more environmentally friendly compared to cotton non-woven fabric alternatives. By choosing these tissues, you’re making a conscious decision to reduce waste and help protect​ the planet.

To experience the practicality and softness of these ‍facial tissues for yourself, click here to purchase on Amazon: [Call to Action Link]. Trust us, you ⁣won’t be‌ disappointed!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ‌Analysis

After carefully analyzing the customer reviews for the “10 Packs Soft Small Facial Tissue,” we have gathered valuable information to provide ​you with a comprehensive understanding‌ of the product’s performance. Let’s take a closer look at what customers had⁢ to say:

Positive Reviews

Very fits daily use and no wasting
Used⁢ as facial tissues

Some customers expressed satisfaction with the product’s functionality. They found the‌ facial tissues to be suitable for daily use without any wastage⁤ and appreciated using them as intended.

Negative Reviews

They smelled very very mildewy and musty! It was awful. So they were used as toilet paper!!!
There’s no way there are 260 sheets in⁢ this small ⁤package. ⁢It’s tiny too.
In ‍fact, I looked at the ​picture and thought it was a normal size, but it turned out to be small when I received it.
Too expensive. Tissue too small.
Too small and too thin, totally unworthy.

However, there‌ were ⁢several negative reviews that highlight some issues with the product. A couple ‌of customers complained about the unpleasant smell of the tissues, so they resorted to using ⁤them as toilet paper. ‍Furthermore, some customers felt deceived‍ by the size, stating that⁢ there were fewer sheets ‌than advertised and that the package was smaller than⁣ expected upon arrival. Lastly, a few‌ customers found the tissues ⁤to be too expensive considering the size, and they perceived them to be ⁤thin and not ⁢worth the‌ purchase.

While the product does receive positive feedback regarding its ⁢performance, it​ is essential‍ to ​consider the negative aspects mentioned by customers before making your final decision.

At [Blog Name], we value our‌ readers’ opinions and strive⁣ to provide you with‍ a comprehensive‍ analysis to assist you in making informed purchasing decisions. Stay tuned for more reviews and recommendations from us!

Pros ⁤& Cons

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1. The facial tissues are made ⁣of⁤ high-quality native wood pulp‌ fiber, ‍giving them⁢ a soft and‌ comfortable touch.
2. They are 4-ply, making them durable and long-lasting.
3. Each pack contains 280 sheets, providing you with a total of 2800 sheets.
4. These tissues are disposable, allowing ⁣for easy and convenient use.
5. They are 100% degradable, making them more environmentally friendly.
6. The tissues are tasteless, ensuring a pleasant user experience.
7. They come in a well-designed and easy-to-open bag, with one-at-a-time ​dispensing.
8. The compact size of the tissues and their packaging makes them portable and ideal ‍for various settings.
9. Ideal for wiping hands, mouth,‌ removing stains, and ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.


1. The packaging⁢ is in a bag instead of a box, which may not be as convenient for some users.
2. Some⁢ users may prefer cotton non-woven fabric over wood pulp fiber.

Overall, these soft facial tissues‌ offer⁣ a great option for anyone looking for a gentle and convenient solution⁢ for ​their everyday ⁤needs. With ​their high-quality ‌material, durability, and eco-friendly design,​ they provide a comfortable ⁣and hygienic experience. While the packaging and material may not suit everyone’s preferences, the pros outweigh the cons, making these​ tissues a recommended choice. ‌


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Q: Are these ‌facial tissues made of cotton?

A: No, these facial tissues are not made of⁣ cotton. They are made of native wood ⁢pulp fiber⁢ material, which is a more environmentally friendly​ option.

Q: How many sheets⁣ are there per pack?

A: There are ⁣280 sheets per ⁣pack, and the package includes 10 packs in⁤ total. That’s a total of 2800 sheets.

Q:⁤ What is the size of each tissue?

A: Each⁤ tissue measures 6.7 x 4.65 inches, making ​them a suitable size‌ for various uses.

Q: Can‌ these facial tissues be used for children?

A:‌ Absolutely! ⁤These high-quality paper towels are perfect for children to wipe their hands or mouth, remove stains, and keep themselves clean and healthy.

Q: Are these facial tissues soft to‌ the touch?

A: Yes, softness is ⁢one of the key features of these facial tissues. If‌ softness is important ⁣to you,‍ then these tissues will​ be the best choice.

Q: Can these facial tissues be easily placed in different locations?

A: Yes, these ​facial tissues are versatile and can be placed in various locations such as your room, toilet, car, office, living room, kitchen, and even your handbag. They can be used wherever you need them.

Q: Are these facial‍ tissues disposable?

A: Yes, these facial tissues are disposable, making them convenient and hygienic for everyday use.

Q: Are ⁣these facial tissues tasteless?

A: Yes, these facial tissues are tasteless, ensuring that they‍ do not leave any unpleasant ⁤flavors when used.

Reveal the Extraordinary

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And⁢ there ​you have it,⁣ our ​comprehensive review of the 10‌ Packs Soft Small Facial Tissue. With its gentle and convenient design, this facial tissue is‌ perfect for all your needs. The wood pulp fiber material ensures a ⁣soft ‌and comfortable touch, making it ideal for everyone ⁣in your family, from children to the elderly.

Not‌ only is this facial tissue environmentally friendly, being 100% degradable, but it also offers a ⁣high-quality and‌ disposable option. Each 4-ply tissue is perfectly sized⁢ at 6.7 x 4.65 inches, ensuring optimal effectiveness. The compact size of each package allows for easy storage in various locations, whether it be⁣ in your room, car, office, or handbag.

If softness is of utmost importance to you, then this facial tissue is the best choice. Its premium quality and comfort touch ⁣will leave you ‍feeling refreshed and ⁢clean. Say goodbye to stains ⁤and hello to ‍a hygienic experience.

To get your own 10 Packs Soft Small Facial Tissue today, simply click the link below. Purchase now and experience the convenience and ‍gentleness that⁣ this product ⁤has to offer.

Click⁣ here to purchase now!

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