Romance in Petal Power: 2,200 Dark-Red Silk Rose Petals for Love, Weddings, and More!

Welcome ‍to our product review blog post, where we are excited to ​share⁣ our first-hand experience with⁢ the CODE FLORIST 2200 PCS ⁢Dark-Red Silk Rose Petals. As⁣ lovers of beautiful and romantic decorations, we were thrilled to​ try out these stunning silk rose petals. Whether you’re planning ⁣a Valentine’s⁤ Day celebration, a romantic night‌ in, a dreamy wedding, a heartfelt proposal, or any other special⁣ occasion, ⁢these silk rose petals are‌ sure to add an extra​ touch of elegance‍ and romance to your event.

One of ‌the first things we noticed about these rose petals is the exceptional‌ quality of the polyester silk⁢ material used.⁤ Not only does ‍it look incredibly realistic, but it also feels soft and delicate to the touch. ⁣We were impressed by how well the petals held their⁢ shape ‌and ⁢vibrant ​dark-red‍ color, even when exposed to sun ⁤or liquids. This durability ensures that your decorations will last throughout your event, creating​ a lasting ‍impression on all those who ⁤see them.

When it⁤ comes ​to ​versatility, these rose petals truly shine. We ​used them as ‌table scatters, ‍aisle runner scatters, and even to create a⁣ stunning display on our romantic date night⁤ table. ​The deep red⁢ color added a touch of elegance and sophistication, setting the perfect atmosphere for our special occasions. ⁢The petals can be easily​ separated piece by ⁣piece, allowing you to arrange them exactly how you ⁤envision ⁢for your event.

We were ​particularly ​pleased to discover that the material of these ⁣petals was upgraded⁤ on January⁣ 10, 2018. This upgrade ensures that you receive the highest quality and most ⁤realistic silk rose petals⁤ available ‌on the market. Additionally, CODE ​FLORIST⁣ has taken⁣ great care to make these⁤ petals non-toxic and has used security ​odorless dyestuff, as​ well as added a subtle perfume. However, ⁣if you ‍prefer not to have a perfumed scent,‌ simply⁤ open the package and allow the petals ‍to air‌ out for 24 hours to⁢ fade away the perfume smell.

In each package, you⁢ will receive an impressive 2200 PCS of these gorgeous ‌polyester silk ​rose ‌petals, measuring 2 inches ⁣by‍ 2 inches each.‍ This generous quantity allows you to decorate a large area or use them for multiple events without‌ worrying about running out.

Overall, we highly ⁤recommend the CODE FLORIST 2200 ​PCS Dark-Red Silk Rose Petals⁢ for anyone ‌looking to⁣ add a touch of romance and elegance⁤ to their⁤ special occasions. With their realistic appearance, durability, and versatility, these rose petals will surely make⁢ your​ Valentine’s Day, romantic night, wedding, proposal, ⁤or⁢ anniversary flower decorations truly ⁣unforgettable.

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Product Overview

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The CODE‍ FLORIST 2200 PCS Dark-Red Silk Rose Petals are ⁢the perfect addition⁣ to ‍any special occasion ​or ⁤romantic event. Made ‌from the highest quality polyester silk material, these petals are non-toxic and ‌will not fade​ from exposure to sun ⁣or ⁢liquid. They appear extremely realistic, adding a touch of elegance and beauty ‍to your party or wedding decor.

These silk rose petals are versatile and can ⁣be used in ‌a variety of ways. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a romantic date, a ‌Valentine’s Day celebration, a marriage proposal, or simply want to create ​a stunning atmosphere, these petals are the ideal choice. Scatter them on tables, ⁢use them to create a beautiful⁤ aisle runner, or incorporate them into your floral arrangements.

When you receive the petals, you will need to manually separate them piece by piece. This process ensures that​ each petal is ‍in perfect condition and ready to be used. The material of these petals⁤ was upgraded on January 10, 2018, providing even better quality and durability. They are also infused with ​a ‌security odorless⁣ dyestuff and a light perfume, which adds a pleasant fragrance to⁢ your⁢ event. If you’re not a‍ fan of ⁤the perfume, simply open the package and let ⁣the petals air out for 24 hours to allow the smell to fade away.

Upgrade your event decor with ​the CODE FLORIST 2200 PCS⁤ Dark-Red Silk Rose ‌Petals. They are the perfect way to create a romantic and⁢ enchanting atmosphere. Click here to purchase your set on ⁢Amazon and add ‌a touch of elegance to ⁣your next special occasion:​ [Shop Now].

Product Highlights

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  • Highest quality polyester⁤ silk material: Our dark-red silk ⁣rose petals are made with the highest quality polyester⁤ silk material. This ensures that they are soft, ⁤durable, and will not fade ⁤from sun exposure⁤ or‌ liquid spills.

  • Realistic ‌appearance: The dark-red color of these rose petals⁢ is incredibly vibrant and realistic. When used as ⁢decor, they add a touch of elegance and romance ‍to any event, whether it’s a⁤ wedding, ‌a⁣ romantic ⁢date, Valentine’s Day, a marriage proposal,⁣ or ⁣simply as table scatters.

  • Easy to use: These artificial rose‍ petals come in a package ⁣of ⁤2200 pieces, measuring​ 2 ⁣inches by 2 inches each. While they are pre-packed, the petals may be ⁤stuck together, so simply separate them piece by piece upon receiving. This process is easy and ensures that each⁤ petal⁢ is beautifully spread out.

  • Upgraded material and fragrance: We have upgraded the material of these rose petals‌ on January 10, 2018. They are now made‌ with a non-toxic, odorless dyestuff that is safe to use. Additionally, we have added a subtle perfume to enhance the ⁣romantic atmosphere. However, if you prefer not‍ to have⁣ a fragrance, simply‍ open the package and let the petals air out for 24⁤ hours.

  • Versatile and ample quantity: With 2200 petals⁢ in a package, you’ll‍ have more than enough to decorate your event. Use them to create a stunning aisle runner, scatter them on tables,⁢ or incorporate them into your‌ wedding bouquet. The possibilities ⁤are endless!

For a touch of elegance and romance, our dark-red ⁤silk rose petals are the perfect choice. Order now on ‌Amazon and ​start creating⁣ a truly magical atmosphere for your special occasions.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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When it comes to creating a truly romantic atmosphere, every detail matters. That’s why we highly recommend the CODE FLORIST 2200 PCS Dark-Red Silk ⁣Rose Petals for all your special occasions. These petals are ‌made from the highest ⁢quality polyester silk‍ material, ensuring ‍their durability and realistic ​appearance. Unlike fresh rose petals, these silk petals are non-toxic and will not‌ fade from sun or liquid exposure, making them perfect for indoor ‍and ⁢outdoor events alike.

One of the‌ standout‍ features ‌of‌ these rose petals⁣ is their versatility. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a romantic date, a Valentine’s Day surprise, a marriage⁣ proposal, or any other special occasion, ​these petals will add a touch of elegance and ⁢romance to any setting. Scatter them on tables, use​ them to​ create an aisle runner, or sprinkle​ them on the⁤ bed for an intimate surprise. ‌The options are ⁢endless!

It’s⁢ worth mentioning that the ‍material used for ​these ⁣petals was upgraded on January 10, 2018. They now feature ​a security odorless dyestuff and‌ a pleasant perfume, adding an extra layer of ⁢sophistication to your decor. However, if you prefer a more subtle fragrance or simply don’t enjoy the smell of the‌ perfume,⁢ don’t worry. Just open ⁣the package and let ⁤the⁣ petals ‌sit in the air for 24 hours, and the ‌perfume smell will fade away. With a size of ⁢2 inches ⁤by ​2 inches, and a package ‍including a generous 2200 petals, you’ll have⁣ more than enough to create ‌a stunning display.

In conclusion, the CODE FLORIST 2200 PCS Dark-Red Silk Rose Petals are a must-have for anyone ⁢looking to create a romantic‍ and memorable atmosphere. Their ‍realistic appearance, non-toxic quality, and versatile use make them‍ an excellent choice for ⁢weddings,‌ proposals, and other special events. Embrace the ⁤elegance of these ‌silk petals and transform any space into a romantic haven. Make sure to visit‌ [LINK TO AMAZON PRODUCT PAGE] for ⁣more details and to order​ your own set of​ these beautiful rose petals.

Customer ⁤Reviews ⁤Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We are thrilled to ‌share with you‌ some of the customer reviews for the ​CODE FLORIST‍ 2200 PCS Dark-Red Silk Rose Petals for ⁢Valentine’s Day, Romantic‍ Night, Wedding, Proposal Anniversary Flower Decorations. These reviews offer insights into the experiences of our customers, ⁤highlighting ⁣the strengths and areas for improvement of our product.

Beautifully Lifelike and‍ Durable

One customer purchased ⁢these silk rose petals to ​create a romantic walkway, and they were delighted with the results. They mentioned that the flowers looked ⁢incredibly ‍lifelike and were worth ⁣every penny spent. Surprisingly, ‌the petals⁣ proved to ‍be durable, even with walking on them. ⁣Additionally, they were impressed that the petals did not emit any chemical smell and did not bleed.

A Touch of⁢ Elegance for ⁣Gardens

A customer shared their ⁤satisfaction with using these rose petals to enhance their garden yard. ⁤They appreciated the beautiful touch it added to‍ their outdoor space. Simple, yet striking, these petals can elevate any environment.

Separation and Odor Management

Separating the rose petals might require some effort, as ‍mentioned by another customer. They recommended having something to keep fingers wet during the process. Despite this, they praised the ⁣affordable price and excellent quality.‍ They shared that⁢ the petals⁤ initially had a fish-like odor, but⁢ it dissipated with⁣ time. To⁣ add a delightful fragrance, they sprinkled rose oil on the petals.

Minor ⁢Odor Issue

One customer expressed their only complaint regarding the initial fishy smell‌ of the rose ⁣petals‍ upon opening the‌ packages. However, they noted that​ this ⁣smell ‍disappeared once the ‌petals​ were spread out. Despite‍ the temporary odor, ‍they were satisfied with the overall appearance of the petals.

Pleasant Fragrance

Another customer​ praised the wonderful and calming fragrance of these​ rose petals, stating ‌that it didn’t ​trigger any sinus or allergy issues. They were highly satisfied, and even the bride-to-be loved these petals for their scent.

A Perfect Addition ⁤for Romantic Dates

An enthusiastic customer shared their excitement about⁢ using these rose petals for a​ surprise ⁢romantic date night. They enjoyed decorating the entire house and even the bathtub with these petals. They expressed their intention to ⁤purchase this product again‌ in the future.

Need ⁢for Preseparation and Time Management

While ‍these rose petals are pretty and affordable, a customer mentioned ‌the need⁣ to separate them individually. They advised ‌ordering ahead ‌of time to ensure ample time for separating, especially ‌when a large quantity is required.​ Planning in advance can help make the process more convenient and enjoyable.

Challenges ⁤with⁢ Separation

Unfortunately, one customer faced difficulties when trying to separate the rose petals. Despite trying​ various methods such as using a⁣ dryer, they were unsuccessful in separating the ‍pressed petals. As‍ a result, their proposal could not include the intended rose​ petals, which was ⁤disappointing for ​them.

Overall,⁤ these‍ customer ‌reviews provide valuable insights into the strengths ⁤and areas for improvement of the​ CODE FLORIST 2200 PCS Dark-Red Silk Rose Petals. While many customers appreciated the lifelike appearance, affordability, and pleasant​ fragrance, some⁤ noted the initial odor concern and the need for ‍preseparation. We strive to take this feedback into consideration and continuously improve our product to ensure the highest level⁤ of customer satisfaction.

Pros⁤ & Cons

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Realistic appearance
High-quality polyester silk material
Non-toxic and fade-resistant
Versatile for different occasions
Large quantity of 2,200 petals
Upgrade with security odorless dyestuff ⁣and perfume

The “CODE​ FLORIST 2200 PCS Dark-Red Silk Rose Petals” offer several advantages for‌ those looking to add‍ a⁣ touch of romance‌ and elegance to their special​ occasions. Here are our top pros:

  • Realistic appearance: These silk ⁢rose petals appear extremely ‌realistic, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your party or wedding​ decorations.
  • High-quality material: Made from ⁤the highest quality polyester silk, these petals not only look ‌great but also feel luxurious to the touch.
  • Non-toxic and ‍fade-resistant: Rest​ assured that these petals are​ safe and won’t ‌fade from exposure to sunlight⁣ or liquid.
  • Versatile ⁣for different occasions: Whether ⁣it’s a⁣ wedding, romantic date, ⁤Valentine’s ⁢Day, or⁣ marriage proposal, these artificial⁣ rose petals are​ perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere.
  • Large⁤ quantity: With a generous quantity⁣ of‌ 2,200 petals, you’ll​ have more ‍than enough to scatter along tables,⁤ aisles, or use in ‍any ‌creative way you desire.
  • Upgrade with security odorless⁤ dyestuff and perfume: The material of these petals was upgraded on January 10, 2018, ⁤featuring security odorless dyestuff and the added bonus of⁣ a pleasant ⁤fragrance. If you’re⁢ not a fan of the smell, simply allow the ⁢petals to ‍air out for‌ 24 hours, and the scent will ⁣dissipate.


Manual separation required
Perfume smell might not be everyone’s taste

Despite its many advantages, the “CODE FLORIST⁣ 2200 PCS Dark-Red Silk Rose Petals” also come‌ with a⁣ few drawbacks to consider:

  • Manual separation required: ⁣ Each petal ⁣needs to be separated manually, which can be time-consuming and tedious.
  • Perfume⁢ smell might not be‍ everyone’s taste: ​While⁢ the added ⁢perfume provides⁣ a pleasant aroma, ‌it may not be to‍ everyone’s liking. However, the scent can⁣ easily be eliminated ⁣by allowing the petals to​ air out for 24‍ hours.


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Q: Are these rose ⁤petals made of real ⁢silk?

A: No, these rose petals are made of the highest quality polyester​ silk material. ​They have the appearance‌ of silk petals but are a more ⁤affordable option.

Q: Will the color of these rose petals fade over time?

A: No, these rose petals will not fade from exposure to sunlight ‌or liquids. They are designed⁣ to maintain their vibrant​ dark-red color.

Q: Are these rose petals realistic-looking?

A: Yes, these rose petals appear extremely realistic, making them a ​great accent for your party or wedding décor. They provide a touch of elegance and romance to any setting.

Q: How can these rose ​petals be used?

A: These fabulous artificial rose petals can be used in a variety of‌ settings, such as weddings, romantic​ dates, Valentine’s Day celebrations, marriage ⁢proposals, table scatters, and aisle runner scatters, among others. ⁤The possibilities are endless!

Q: Do the petals need to be separated after receiving the package?

A: Yes, the petals do need to be manually separated piece ‌by piece upon receiving the package. This ⁤ensures ‍that they‌ can be easily scattered or arranged in a desired pattern.

Q: When ⁤were​ the materials‍ used to⁣ make these petals upgraded?

A: The material used to make ‌these rose petals ⁣was​ upgraded on ⁤January‌ 10, 2018. This means that you⁢ can expect the highest quality and ‌most realistic-looking ‌petals.

Q: Do⁣ these rose petals‌ have a scent?

A: Yes, these rose petals have a perfume added to them for an extra touch of romantic⁤ ambiance. However, if you do not like the smell of the perfume, simply open the package and allow the ⁣petals to air ‌out for 24 hours, and the scent will fade‍ away.

Q: How ⁣many⁢ rose petals are included in the package?

A: The package⁣ includes a generous ‌quantity of 2,200 silk rose petals. ‌This ensures that you have enough petals to create stunning decorations or unforgettable ​romantic gestures.

Q: Are these rose petals safe and non-toxic?

A: Absolutely! These rose ⁢petals ‍are made from non-toxic materials, ensuring that they are safe to use⁤ around ​children, pets, and anyone with allergies or sensitivities.

Q: What are the ⁢dimensions of each rose petal?

A:‍ Each rose petal measures approximately 2 inches by‌ 2 inches, providing a perfect size for scattering or arranging in various‌ ways.

Remember, romance is in the details, and these dark-red silk ‌rose petals are ⁤sure to ​add ​a touch⁤ of ‌love and beauty to‌ any occasion. ‌

Ignite Your Passion

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And there you have⁣ it, the romantic allure of the CODE FLORIST 2200 PCS ‍Dark-Red⁢ Silk Rose Petals! ⁣We ​hope you⁢ enjoyed diving into the world of love and celebration with us.

These silk rose petals​ are truly a game-changer when it comes ​to adding an elegant ​touch to any occasion. With their highest ⁤quality polyester ​silk material, they look ‍and feel incredibly realistic. Plus, ⁢their non-toxic‍ and fade-resistant properties ensure that ‌their beauty‌ will last through any sun or‍ liquid exposure.

Imagine the possibilities with these petals! ⁣From weddings to romantic ⁢dates, ‌Valentine’s Day⁤ surprises to marriage proposals, these petals will be the perfect accent and create an enchanting⁣ atmosphere. Scatter​ them⁤ on tables, aisle runners, or even surprise your loved one by decorating ‌an entire room with their ‌deep red allure.

We understand that receiving the petals may ⁢require some ⁤love and care since they need⁣ to be manually separated piece ⁢by piece. But we⁤ assure ​you, the effort is ⁢well worth ​it. Each petal is carefully designed to provide the ‌utmost ⁢realism and ‌create an enchanting ​ambiance for your special moments.

We’ve even taken a step further to upgrade‌ the material⁢ on January⁣ 10, 2018, ensuring that these petals are made with security​ odorless dyestuff and ⁢added perfume for an‌ extra touch of elegance.‍ However, if you⁤ prefer not to have the scent, simply ​open the package and let ⁣them air out​ for 24 hours, and the⁤ perfume smell will⁣ fade away.

Now, let’s bring the romance to life! Click on the link below‍ to add‌ the CODE FLORIST 2200 PCS Dark-Red Silk Rose Petals ⁣to your cart and create magical memories that will⁣ last ⁣a lifetime.

Experience the Romance Here

Fall in love with the beauty of these‌ silk rose petals ‍and ‌let the enchantment begin.

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