Our Verdict: Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots – Classic Style with a Commando Twist!

Welcome to‌ our blog! Today, we are thrilled to⁣ review a‌ timeless‍ classic that has been a staple in fashion for decades: the Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot. As self-proclaimed shoe enthusiasts,⁤ we had the privilege‌ of experiencing​ this iconic boot firsthand,⁤ and ⁣let ​us tell you, it ⁤did not disappoint. With its unmistakable design and exceptional quality, the Dr. Martens 1460 is a‍ true testament to enduring style and craftsmanship. Join us ‍as we delve into the⁤ details of ​this exceptional boot and share why it ⁣has ​become a favorite among fashion-forward individuals worldwide.

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Overview of ⁢the Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot

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The Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot is the original and⁢ iconic⁣ Dr. Martens boot that has been‍ loved‍ by generations. With its distinctive ⁤8-eye lace-up design, grooved sides, heel-loop, ⁣and yellow stitching, these boots showcase⁣ the ⁣classic Dr. Martens style that has ⁣become synonymous with durability ​and timeless fashion.

One of the⁣ standout features of the ​Dr. Martens 1460 is its ‌high-quality leather construction in a‌ striking ⁢greyish green tone. This unique color adds a touch ⁣of contemporary style to the⁢ traditional​ military-inspired design. The deep, chunky commando sole not‍ only enhances the rugged appeal of the boot but also provides superior ⁢comfort and traction. Whether you’re traversing city⁤ streets or exploring the great outdoors, these boots will keep you looking stylish and feeling confident.

In terms of size, the Dr. ​Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot measures 13​ x 5.5 x 11.5 inches and ‍weighs‍ approximately 1.48 pounds. ⁢It is​ designed to fit ⁢true to size, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. This boot is the ideal ⁤choice for individuals who value both ⁤style and substance, as it effortlessly ⁤combines‍ timeless aesthetics with the renowned durability and comfort of Dr. Martens⁤ footwear.

With its rich history and iconic design, the Dr. Martens​ Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot is a ​must-have for fashion-forward individuals looking to make a bold statement. Whether you’re a long-time⁢ fan‍ of⁢ the brand or new to the world of ​Dr. Martens, these boots are a versatile and reliable choice for any occasion. Step into a pair of these boots ⁤and experience the enduring quality⁤ and style that has made Dr.‌ Martens an enduring⁣ favorite. Don’t miss out, get your⁣ Dr. Martens Men’s ⁤1460 Fashion Boot today and elevate your footwear game!

Key Features​ and Aspects of the Dr. Martens Men’s 1460​ Fashion Boot

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When ⁣it comes to the Dr.‌ Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot, there are several key features and​ aspects that truly set it apart. Firstly, this ​boot is the original Dr. Martens‌ design, complete with the iconic 8 ⁤eyes, grooved sides, and a heel-loop. This classic styling gives⁤ the‌ boot a timeless appeal that never goes out of fashion. Additionally, the yellow stitching that is ‍synonymous⁤ with Dr. Martens adds a touch of authenticity and ⁢adds⁤ to the overall aesthetic appeal.

One of the standout features of the​ Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot is its comfortable, air-cushioned sole. This sole provides exceptional cushioning and support, making these boots a joy to walk ⁤in. You’ll‍ be able to tackle long days on your feet​ without any discomfort or foot fatigue.

Moreover, this ‍particular version of the boot is made with⁤ high-quality leather in ‌a striking ​greyish green tone. This adds a​ unique and stylish touch to your outfit, ‌allowing you to stand out from ​the crowd. Additionally, the ‌inclusion of a deep, chunky commando sole gives these boots a rugged, military-inspired look. These boots are ‍perfect for ‌those who want to make a ‌statement‌ with‍ their footwear.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations ​for the ​Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion ⁣Boot

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When it comes to iconic footwear, ⁢the Dr. Martens⁢ Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot‌ stands head and shoulders above‍ the rest.⁣ This boot is⁢ a true classic, showcasing the timeless​ design ⁤elements⁣ that have made Dr. Martens​ a household name. With its 8-eye construction, grooved sides, ⁢and ‌signature yellow stitching, this boot⁢ effortlessly combines style⁤ and functionality.

But what really sets the Dr. Martens‌ 1460 Fashion Boot apart‍ is its attention to detail.⁤ Made ⁣with high-quality leather in ‌a striking greyish green tone, ​this military-inspired version ​of the boot features a deep, chunky commando sole.‍ Not only does this sole offer superior traction on⁤ a variety of‌ surfaces,⁤ but ⁢it also provides incredible comfort thanks to its air-cushioned construction.

We were particularly impressed with the overall craftsmanship of the Dr. Martens 1460 Fashion Boot. ⁤From the sturdy heel-loop to the precise stitching, every‍ aspect of this boot ‌exudes durability and longevity. Plus, the boot is designed to fit true to ⁣size, ensuring a comfortable ‌and custom fit for every wearer.

To‌ add an extra level of convenience, this boot does not disappoint. It’s ‌easy to slip on and off, making it perfect for those on the go. Additionally,⁣ the⁤ Dr. Martens 1460 Fashion Boot is available in⁤ a variety of sizes, ensuring that​ everyone ‌can find their perfect‍ fit.

In conclusion, the Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot is a ‍true‌ masterpiece of footwear. With its iconic design,⁤ high-quality materials,⁢ and ‍exceptional comfort, it’s no ‌wonder that this boot has stood the test of ‍time. If you’re looking for a stylish and durable boot that will never⁣ go out of style, we highly recommend checking out the Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot. Experience ⁢the legacy of Dr. Martens for yourself by clicking here ⁤ and adding this ⁣boot to your collection today. ⁤

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After ‌analyzing the customer reviews for the⁢ Dr. Martens ⁤Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots, we have compiled the following insights:

Durability and ​Quality

Many customers appreciate the excellent quality of these boots and consider them a worthwhile investment. They mention that the boots are built to last and are suitable⁣ for‌ the changing⁣ seasons.

Positive Negative
Truly excellent ⁣quality
Boots will last forever

Comfort and Break-in Period

Some customers mention that it takes ‌time to break ‌in these boots, resulting in initial discomfort. ‌However, once⁤ broken in, the boots fit comfortably.

Positive Negative
Fit⁤ like a glove Feet ‍might be sore ‌during the first few days
Wore them all ‌day⁤ without issue

Authenticity ⁣and Packaging

Customers who purchased these boots⁤ mention⁢ that they ⁢received⁤ genuine Dr. Martens boots. ⁣They appreciate the ⁢proper labeling, inspection stickers, and ​the boots’ authentic packaging.

Positive Negative
Boots arrived in⁢ genuine Dr. Martens packaging
All required labels and inspection stickers​ present

Sizing​ and Fit

There are⁤ mixed‍ experiences regarding sizing. Some customers mention ⁤that the ⁣boots are true to size, while others recommend ordering a size smaller. It is important to properly size the ⁣boots before‌ purchasing to ‍avoid any fitting issues.

Positive Negative
True ‌to size Some customers⁤ received⁣ the incorrect size
Recommended sizing chart for ⁣proper fit

Color‍ Representation

A couple of customers mention that the color representation in the product image did not accurately match the received boots. However, they still appreciate the overall appearance of the boots.

Positive Negative
Boots look great and feel ⁤great Color⁢ representation in the ⁤picture was not accurate

In conclusion, ⁢the Dr. ‍Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots receive positive reviews for⁣ their durable and high-quality⁤ construction. While they may require a⁣ break-in period, customers find them comfortable once they mold⁤ to their feet. It is important to carefully ‍consider sizing and consult the sizing chart⁢ provided. Overall, these boots ⁣are well-received by customers⁤ who value⁤ longevity ⁣and classic style.

Pros & ⁣Cons

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  1. Classic Style: The Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot features‌ the iconic 8-eye⁢ design, grooved ‌sides, yellow stitching, and a⁣ heel-loop, giving it a timeless and ​stylish ‍look.
  2. High-Quality Leather:‌ Made with premium⁢ leather, these boots not only look great but also offer durability and long-lasting⁣ performance.
  3. Comfortable Air-Cushioned Sole: The air-cushioned sole ​provides superior ‌comfort and⁣ cushioning, making these boots perfect for all-day wear.
  4. Military-Inspired Design: The ​deep, chunky commando sole adds a unique and edgy twist to⁢ the classic Dr. Martens boot, giving it a rugged and military-inspired aesthetic.
  5. Good Fit: The⁢ 1460 Fashion Boots ⁢are available in a range⁣ of sizes, ensuring a‍ proper fit for most individuals.


  1. Break-in Period: Some users report that the boots require a break-in period, during which they can feel stiff⁣ and uncomfortable. However, this is⁢ common for ⁢many high-quality leather boots and can be overcome⁤ with regular⁣ wear.
  2. Price: The Dr. Martens ⁤Men’s 1460 Fashion Boot is a premium product and comes with a higher price tag compared to other similar boots‌ in ​the market. However, the quality and style justify the investment for those ⁣seeking a long-lasting and fashionable boot.
  3. Sole Durability: While the air-cushioned sole offers excellent comfort, it may wear out faster than expected with heavy use. Regular care and⁣ maintenance can help prolong its lifespan.
  4. Limited Color Options:‌ The 1460 Fashion Boot is available in a striking greyish-green tone, which may not ⁤be to everyone’s taste. Individuals looking for a wider variety of ⁢color options may ‌need to explore other Dr. Martens collections.


Q: Are the⁤ Dr. Martens Men’s ‍1460 ⁤Fashion Boots made with genuine leather?

A: Yes, the Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots are ‌made‌ with‍ high⁣ quality ⁤leather in a striking ⁣greyish‌ green tone. ​You can⁣ trust ⁣that the material used is genuine and durable.

Q: What is the style of the Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots?

A: The Dr. Martens ​Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots feature a classic style with a twist. They have 8 eyes, grooved ​sides, a⁤ heel-loop, yellow stitching, and a comfortable ‍air-cushioned sole. ⁣It’s a ⁣timeless⁤ design ‌that exudes⁣ both style and comfort.

Q: Is ⁢the commando sole chunky?

A: Yes, the commando‍ sole of⁣ the Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots is deep and chunky. It adds an edgy and military-inspired flair ⁢to‍ the classic boot⁤ design.

Q: What are the ​dimensions of the boots?

A: The Dr.‍ Martens Men’s 1460 ‍Fashion Boots have dimensions⁣ of 13 x 5.5 x 11.5 ‍inches and weigh approximately 1.48 pounds. These dimensions ensure a comfortable fit while still maintaining the iconic look of⁣ the boots.

Q: ⁣Is this product still in production?

A: Yes, the Dr. Martens⁣ Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots‌ are currently in production and readily available ⁣for purchase. You can enjoy⁢ the classic style and unique commando twist without ⁣any worries ‌about the product being discontinued.

Q: When was this product first⁢ made available?

A: The Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 ‍Fashion Boots‍ were​ first made available on June‌ 7, 2011. Since then, they have gained popularity and become‌ a staple‍ in men’s fashion.

Q: Who is the manufacturer of the ⁤Dr. Martens ⁢Men’s ⁤1460 Fashion Boots?

A: The Dr. Martens Men’s ⁤1460 ‌Fashion ‍Boots are ⁣manufactured by Dr.⁢ Martens Airwair USA LLC. This renowned brand ‌is known for⁣ its high-quality footwear and innovative⁤ designs.

We hope ​this Q&A section‍ has provided you ‍with the necessary information to make an informed ⁣decision​ about the Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots. Feel free to reach ‌out to us if you have any ​further‌ questions or concerns!

Embody Excellence

And there you have it, our final⁣ verdict on the Dr.​ Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots – a true classic with a commando twist!

From the moment we laid⁤ eyes on ‌these boots, we were captivated​ by their timeless style and impeccable craftsmanship. The 8-eye design, grooved sides, and iconic yellow ⁤stitching all scream Dr. Martens, while the striking greyish green leather adds a unique touch to this military-inspired version.

But it’s not just about looks. ‍These boots are built to last, with ⁢a comfortable, air-cushioned sole that provides all-day support‍ and durability. Whether you’re navigating‌ city streets or exploring the great outdoors, the‌ deep, chunky commando⁣ sole ensures superb traction and ⁢stability.

We love the attention ⁤to detail that Dr. Martens brings to every pair of⁤ boots, and the 1460 is no exception. The heel-loop not only adds a‍ stylish flourish, ​but also makes it easier to slip these boots on and off.⁣ Plus, the high-quality leather ⁣only gets better with age, developing⁣ a beautiful patina ‍that tells a story of adventures taken.

So,​ if you’re ⁤in search of a footwear​ staple that combines classic⁤ style with a rugged edge, look‌ no further than the Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots. Whether ‌you’re a die-hard Dr. Martens fan or new to the brand, these boots will not disappoint.

Ready to step into ‍timeless style? Click here to get your pair of‌ Dr. Martens‍ Men’s 1460 Fashion Boots now:
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